Carlson Brothers Photos


Oscar Carlson

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Oscar Carlson (center) in a logging camp
This is the only photo we have of him
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Their home Stjälkhammar, Ukna Parish

We thought these people were the Carlson Brothers' Parents,
Karl Otto Karlsson and his wife 
Caterina Sophia Johansdotter

July 10, 2003 - For family that may visit this site:
I have had an email from Sweden saying that the
above couple are not identified correctly.  They are 
Anna Emerentia Lejonqvist and
Gustav Adolf Andersson
Information on them can be found at

We had received the photo from a cousin in Sweden 
who told us it was our great-grandparents.  Apparently 
that is not the case, sad to say! - Barb

Caterina Sophia Johansdotter as an old woman, 
and her mother, Catharina Charlotta Nilsdotter

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Map of Ukna Parish showing Stjälkhammar

uknachurch.jpg (28962 bytes)
The church in Ukna Parish that they all attended

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Vastervik, the large town near where they lived