Girvan Correspondence
1997 - 1998

I have been receiving correspondence from other Girvans/Girvin/Gervans, and thought it would be helpful to include it below for the benefit of others researching this surname.  The below contains an AMAZING amount of information!  The earliest post is at the bottom and is dated 1997.  Please note that many email addresses listed may no longer work due to the elapse of time.


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1. Girvans in Ayrshire, Scotland
2. Girvans from Jamaica circa 1800's.
3. Girvans in Australia
4. Auchenlick, Scotland to New Zealand
5. Girvan - New Brunswick, Nova Scotia
6. Gervan - Ballymena in county Antrim to Ontario
7. Ballynure, Antrim, Northern Ireland to Manchester, England
8. Girvan in NY, Onieda County, New York Mills, Utica area.
9. Scotland/Northern Ireland Girvans to New Brunswick 1817
10. Girven 
11. Girvan - Girvan, Ayrshire and Gorbals, Glasgow, Scotland
12. Girvin - county Down and Antrim in the early 1800's
13.  Girvan, Kirkcubrightshire, Scotland
14.  Girvan - New Brunswick, Canada
15.  Girvin - Texas
16.  Girvin - Girvan, Scotland/Larne, N. Ireland/Ont, Canada
17.  Girvan - Campbelton, Argyll, Scotland
18.  Girvan - Campbeltown, Argyll, Scotland to Vancouver, BC, 
19. Girvin - Hugenots from France to Girvan, Scotland, to Northern Ireland & Coat of Arms
20.  Girvan, Campbeltown to Burntisland, Fife, Scotland
21.  Girvan - New South Wales Australia
22.  Glasgow, Scotland and now New Zealand
23.  Girvan History, Girvan, Ayrshire to Ulster, Carnmoney, Antrim
24.  Girvan Newton Stewart, Scotland to  New Zealand
25.  Girvin - Albany, NY orig, Rougemont NC now
26.  Girvin, tracing roots
27.  Girvan - parish of Loudoun and the town of Newmilns in Ayrshire
28.  Kirkcudbright, Scotland to New Zealand
29. History of  Charles Girvin Family from Co. Antrim, Ireland to Amherst Island, Ontario, Canada

1. Girvans in Ayrshire, Scotland
Name: Ken Brown............From: Australia............... Email:  ..........Date: 7 January, 1999
 My wife Ailsa, (nee Girvan) is descended from Archibald Girvan and Barbara Thomson (Thompson) who married at Dailly in Ayr. Scotland on 6th Feb 1829. Barbara is believed born at Farden 1809, daughter of Hugh Thomson and Barbara Knox.  Archibald's date of birth has not yet been conclusively proven as we have not yet been able to prove his parentage. We have discovered a baptism for Archibald and Andrew possibly twins "lawful children of Robert Girvan, Weaver in Girvan and Janet Hannah 10th August 1798. This appears a possibility to be Archibald's baptism but needs to be proven.

Archibald and Barbara, we believe, had six children:
Hugh b.10 Nov.1829;...... an unknown child b c.1831-2?(see note*) ......John b. 22 June 1834;........ Jean b.18 Nov.  1837; ........Archibald b.6 July 1839 all born Dunnymuck (Dinnymuck?)........and Barbara Knox b. 26 Jan. 1844 in Girvan.
Note* Archibald's birth/baptism record shows he was the "third son andfifth born child of Archibald and Barbara."

John b. 1834 married Jessie McClelland at Pleasantfield, Kirkoswald Parish,  County of Ayr on 26 Nov. 1858.Jessie McClelland, then aged 22yrs, was daughter of John McClelland (Ploughman) and Eliza McBride. Witnesses were
William Murray (Farmer) and Agnes Duff (Dressmaker).   John and Jessie had two children born in Girvan Scotland
Eliza b. 1859......... and John b. 1861. In 1862 the family migrated to Victoria,Australia aboard the "Accrington"departing from South Hampton 4 June and arriving 24 August 1862.  They had a further 8 children all born in Victoria....... ( Archibald, James, Hugh and Thomas (twins), Barbara Catherine, Alexander, Gavan and Edgar.)  Of these, Thomas is Ailsa's Grandfather.

An old family tradition is that one branch of the family went to New Zealand but no details are known. We would like to hear from anyone who recognizes any of the forgoing names (particularly from the original Scottish family) as we would like to discover the distribution of John Girvan's (b.1834)siblings.

Ken & Ailsa Brown

2. Girvans from Jamaica circa 1800's.
Name: Debbie English-Paige........ Webpage:
Email: From: San Jose, CA........ Date: 13 December, 1998

 I was very happy to see this sight, because I had been looking for the Girvans for almost two years. The problem that I seem to be  having is that I cannot locate any genealogical information on the Girvan family in Jamaica, WI. My great-grandfather was Robert Girvan, the  illegitimate child of a Scottish doctor in the Clarendon Parish, of Jamaica, WI. His mother was Kate Morgan, and she was of African descent.   This doctor seems to be the missing link. Without his name I can't take my research back any further, in either direction. If there is anyone that  could help me, please do so, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help.

New email: OR

3. Girvans in Australia
Name:  Mark James Girvan........From:  Frankston, Victoria, AUSTRALIA.......Email:
Date: 18 October, 1998

Hello from the Australian Girvans, I loved your site and it makes me want to start to trace our family lines back to Scotland. Good  luck and good health to you all and I would love to hear from any Girvans from around the world. Thanks from Mark, Kathy, Amanda and  Adrian GIRVAN

4. Auchenlick, Scotland to New Zealand
Name: Kevin McSweeney..........Name: Kevin McSweeney...............   From: Auckland, New Zealand Date: 26 September 1998

My g.grandfather was William Girvan, born Auchenlick, Scotland 29/01/1851

5. Girvan - New Brunswick, Nova Scotia
Name: Brad Girvan........... From: Chalk River On, Canada.............Date: 30 June, 1998......... Email:

I grew up in Newfoundland, my father was origanally from New Brunswick and my grand father came from Nova Scotia. I have just  begun looking into my family name and found your site very interesting. I will definitely be back. Thanks Brad

6. Gervan - Ballymena in county Antrim to Ontario, Canada
Just a note to say that I enjoyed your web page.  I am Canadian born but of Irish ancestry. My grandparents were from Ballymena in county Antrim. I have never done a complete research for a family tree .  I did dig up a bunch of old birth certificates to apply for my Irish citizenship ( foreign registered birth).  I also met someone else doing a family tree one time. We weren't related but I got a copy. Possibly we could exchange some information sometime!

I live in Grimsby, On about 30 miles from Niagara Falls.  Most of the Gervans in British Columbia are related to me.

Thanks again.
Bill      email:

7. Ballynure, Antrim, Northern Ireland to Manchester, England
Date: 15 Nov 1998 ........    From:

My name is Robert James GIRVAN I was born in Manchester England on the 29thMarch 1955 My fathers name was Robert also . He was born in the village of Ballynure in county Antrim Northern  Ireland on the 25.10.1924,  His mothers maiden name was McCreery.  Any of this useful? why not visit our site at

8. Girvan in New York, Onieda County, New York Mills, Utica area.
Date:  3 Aug 1998 .............   From:  "jeff m girvan"

I am writing to ask if you know anything about the Girvan's in New York, Onieda County, New York Mills, Utica area. I am related to Charles F. Girvan, born around 1885-1887, West Utica. If you have any information please let me know.

Thank You .......     Jeff Girvan

  9. Scotland/Northern Ireland Girvans that arrived in New Brunsick in eastern Canada in 1817.
Name: William Gordon Girvan........Email: From: Surrey, B.C.........Date:  19 Feb, 1998


Have been working on Girvan family history for about 5 years with research trips to Scotland and Northern Ireland as part of the  process. Have not worked actively at the study for the past 2 years due business committments. Now retired since Sept of 1997 and will have  more time to devote to it. Have reasonably good records since arrival of Canadian patriach in Galloway (Rexton) New Brunswick but hung up  as to exactly where he was born, so tracing back to 1600's has been a problem.

Gord Girvan

Update: January 12, l999

I am of the Scotland/Northern Ireland Girvans that arrived in New Brunswick in eastern Canada in 1817. Since I worked for an airline most of my working life (Now retired at 72); I had lots of opportunities to travel and went to Scotland and Northern Ireland for research. I start my ancestry with a David Girvan of Girvan Scotland in 1586 (My best guess for his birth year with supporting data) and followed his move to Ulster in 1606 and thereafter my branch of the family through to the present. I have 266 names in my listings to date but was stymied somewhat by the destruction of the official birth records of Northern Ireland that were lost in a arsonists fire. (The year of the fire is in my records in temporary storage but it created a great gap prior to that fire taking place). This forced me to look at records other than government birth records; such as church and property records. If my data would be of assistance to you or anyone who is looking at the Girvan branch from eastern Canada, let me know and I will try to oblige. I am currently working on a special computer project and would not be able to respond immediately, but sometime within the next couple of months.

 Gord Girvan

10. Girven
Name: Charles B. Girven ........Email: ....... From: Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
Date:19 Feb, 1998

 My name is Charles B. Girven VIII, About a year ago I became really interested in finding out everything I could about the  Girvens... only to find out it's actually Girvans? My aunt just visited Girvan, Scotland and told me that there is no where in the world she has  felt more at home!!! I REALLY want to make a trip there... but until I can I would like to find out as much as possible about my ancestry! I  would appreciate any and all information about the Girvans I can get my hands on... I was really excited to find a whole site devoted to info on  Girvan... -Ben

11. Girvan - Girvan, Ayrshire and Gorbals, Glasgow, Scotland
Name: Graham W. Girvan........Email: ..... From: Ayrshire.......Date: 22 Jan 1998

 I would like to hear from anybody who knows anything about my family tree; Father was David Graham Girvan, Grandparents  names' William Forbes Girvan,and Edith Girvan(Mculloch).  As well as David they produced a further five children, Leonard,
 William,Mary,Sadie, and Edith.As far as I know all the children were born in Girvan and Grandfather was from the Gorbals, Glasgow.   Feel free  to get in touch.

12. Girvin - county Down and Antrim in the early 1800's
Name: Robert L. Mc Call  From: Frankfort, Michigan    Email: Date: 1997-12-22

 I'm searching the Girvin name from county Down and Antrim in the early 1800's. Have been in contact with John Girvin V of Belfast and he gave your Homepage to check out. I'm connected with the Girvin family that is shows up on Girvan correspondence concerning the Girvin Clan by Lois Waldes. Decend from the eldest son of Charles Girvin, John (Kentucky) Girvin. Will be willing to correspond with anyone working on these lines. My Mc Call line comes from County Armagh.

13.  Girvan, Kirkcubrightshire, Scotland
Name: Bob Bartleson........ Email: From: San Jose, CA........ Date: 1997-09-27
Comments: I have a GIRVAN married to a Jean CRAWFORD circa 1885 Minnigaff, Kirkcudbrightahire, Scotland. Had two sons: Robert and Edward(Teddy)

14.  Girvan - New Brunswick, Canada
Name: Donna Rae Girvan Englehart...... Email: ...... From: Brampton,Ontario. Canada..... Date: 1997-07-25

Comments: I was born and raised in Campbellton,New Brunswick,Canada. My father was William Alward Harrison Girvan,1916-1990, born in Lobster Cove,Gaspe,Quebec.My grandfather was John William Girvan 1892-1965,raised in Rexton,N.B.

15.  Girvin - Texas
Name: Calvin Shields Girvin...... Email: From: Denison, Texas, USA....... Date: 1997-07-24
Comments: Barbara, I just found your homepage while looking for information on the Girvin family. I am excited to have made this contact and will be back soon to learn more. My name is Calvin Sheilds Girvin from Denison (population: 20,000), Texas, which is about 75 miles north of Dallas and located on the Red River, which is the border with Oklahoma. My wife Susan, son David and I have lived here for about eight and one-half years. I am, however, originally from West Texas, having grown up on a ranch near the small ranching community of Colorado City (population: 3,000 and not near much of anything). My father, Luke Shields Girvin, Jr., is from Girvin, Texas which was founded by our ancestors. (I was there a few years ago and Girvin now has a population of 5, but no Girvins. It does, however, boast the Girvin Social Club, which is an authentic saloon of the old-west type. You may be interested to know that my mother is Barbara Girvin, nee Barbara Lynn Jones. I don't know much about geneaology, but I have been doing a little research on the Girvins and would like to learn a lot more. Thanks for this home page, and I look forward to coming back soon. Cal

16.  Girvin - Girvan, Scotland/Larne, N. Ireland/Ont, Canada
Name: Hugh Girvin...... Email: ..... From: Kincardine Ontario Canada (originally Larne, N. Ireland).... Date: 1997-07-19 Comments: I'll be very interested to look at the info in your site My ancestory is from Girvan in Scotland.

  17.  Girvan - Campbelton, Argyll, Scotland
FROM GAIL KIPKE, Alberta, Canada     email:
The line I am interested in tracing are the decendants and ancestors of Robert GIRVAN b: Campbeltown in the county of Argyll,1840-1861, married Catherine CAMERON. They had 5 children that I know of:
 ---Alexander Cameron Girvan(my g-grandfather)b:Aug 14,1879 Dalaruan Terrace Campbeltown
m:Catherine Cameron,b:Feb 23, 1883 in Genbourdale,Acharcle in the county of Argyll. Her parents were Alexander Cameron and Janet McPhail.
---Etta Girvan m:?Cuthberson
---John Girvan m:Grace?
---Charles Girvan ,Glasglow SCT
---Archibald Girvan
I would like to communicate with anyone following this line, or that may be able to help in any way.


18.  Girvan - Campbeltown, Argyll, Scotland to Vancouver, BC, Canada
 FROM A LETTER DATED 27 Nov 1953 from an unknown person in my family's possesion.
It was written to my great-aunt, who was from Campbeltown, Scotland, and it appears the writer of the letter was from there as well. If this rings a bell with anyone, please contact me!
Thanks! ...Barb Girvan Horak

 .....The Girvans have a cousin in Vancouver (James Girvan). He is a painter. He used to have his painter & paperhanging shop in Royal Ave. Man(unreadable). He came to Canada when Munro was minister of Big Kirk. That is not today or yesterday. I visited him last time I was there. He has a swell big house called "Dalriada", also a sunken garden. He may be retired now. When I went to his door and knocked, he did not know who I was. I asked him for a drink of Crock-na heilan water. He said "I dont' know who you are, but come in anyway." I had a nice visit with him...........

19. Girvin - Hugenots from France to Girvan, Scotland, to Northern Ireland & Coat of Arms
FROM JOHN GIRVIN V, of County Down, Ireland:
email: ....or....
Speaking to my dad (also John Girvin), he says that John Girvin 1st (MY great-great grandfather) came from Carrickfergus, which is in county Antrim, so maybe we are related closer than you think.

 FYI, our family came originally from France (of the Hugenot line) before the catholic church drove them out of the country for being Protestant. They went to Scotland (there is a town called Girvan there!) and then to here, then possibly back to Scotland again.

 My dad's cousin (James Girvin) traced the geneology back 400 years to St. Elizabeth's Church in Dundonald, County Down here. That's about 3 miles from where I am. Someday we might get around to getting the whole story from him...

 Do you know the Girvin coat of arms? Its 3 fish on a shield, surrounded by red and yellow leaves and with a knight's head at the top. The motto is "Always Helping".

20.  Girvan, Campbeltown to Burntisland, Fife, Scotland
FROM RAY GIRVAN,    email:
Interested to see some background on the Campbeltown Girvans. I think I might be able to help you fill in some more details; do you know about the Girvan branch in Burntisland, Fife? My stepfather's parents moved from Campbeltown around 1900, and may even be on your list. I *think* they were called John and Mary Girvan.

  21.  Girvan - New South Wales Australia
My Girvans are all in Australia by the time I run across them. William Girvan married Augusta Sheather at Bombala in New South Wales in 1881. Apart from a birth date of 29 January 1851, I really know nothing about him

On the up side that means that he may very well have come from Scotland, doesn't it. I am getting more Sheather information all the time, and hopefully it will include something about William.

22.  Glasgow, Scotland and now New Zealand
FROM JIM GIRVAN,         email:
I am also a Girvan although our family as far as I can find out (although I've never really tried to delve into it too deeply) was from Glasgow, where I was born. My father was James Girvan and my Grandfather was Leo Girvan who married a Gemima McCall.I moved to New Zealand about six years ago. I donít know if this is any help to you but I have a book called the Burkeís Peerage World Book of Girvanís. It lists names and addresses of about 1500 Girvan families throughout the world. It is not comprehensive and is about two years old. It lists 12 Girvan families in the Argyll region. It covers the whole world with 182 listed for the US, 598 for Britain, 192 for Ireland and so it goes on. There are no email addresses only postal.

 Also I recently was contacted by one Doug Girvan from Montreal who was looking up his family name, when I dig out his email I put him in touch

  23.  Girvan History, Girvan, Ayrshire to Ulster, Carnmoney, Antrim
I looked in the Carnmoney Presbyterina Church records and found no John Girvan born in a ten year period either side of 1818. Of course this is only one parish. Carnmoney is four miles out of Belfast, so many people from there just said from Belfast. Take in mind there the name Girvan was spelled several ways. It was seen as Girvan, Gervan, Girven, and Gerven, all from the same family.

 Per a file I obtained from the P.R.O.N. in Belfast:
"The first of the name Girvan settled at Ballyrilland, Raloo, and was David Girvan. He came from the town of Girvan in Ayrshire at the plantation of Ulster in the year 1606. David's son also named David, helped to build a ship to take one hundred Presbyterian families to America, persecution still raging strong in Ulster. The ship was named the "Eagle Wing" from a passage in the book of Exodus. The "Eagle Wing" set sail from Carrickfergus on the ninth of September 1636. It was said she was turned by tempestuous winds, and well for the protestant cause it happened so. This David Girvan married Mary Moore of the same place."

 I also looked in William Fee McKinney's manuscript on Carnmoney families and found a John Girvan/Girven baptised Feb 7, 1799 and died Aug 23, 1879. There is also a John Girvan baptised Mar 9 1806.

My Great Great Great Grandparents were David and Mary (Girvan) McComb. They did have two children baptised in the Carnmoney church but they were married in 1807 at the non-subscribing Presbyterian Church in Templepatrick. Girvan, like McComb, is a very common name in County Antrim and County Down, but not outside Ulster. They were Ulster Scots like the McComb family.

24.  Girvan Newton Stewart, Scotland to  New Zealand
I'm Interested in tracing the decendents and ancestors of a John Girvan, b: Newton Stewart,(Galloway), Scotland, Abt 1820-1821. Married Jane McKenzie Date ? d:Unknown.

 They had 9 Children;
...Thomas F. Girvan ( My Great Grandfather), b: Newton Stewart, SCT, Jan 6,
...1852. d:1921 Dunedin, New Zealand.
...Mary J Girvan b:1855, Penningham (Wigtown), SCT.
...Elizabeth Girvan b:Nov 11 1856, Penningham, SCT.
...Robert Girvan b:Nov 4, 1858, Penningham, SCT.
...William Girvan b:July 9, 1860, Penningham, SCT.
...James Girvan b:Aug 6, 1862, Penningham, SCT.
...Hugh Girvan b:March 22, 1864, Penningham, SCT.
...Helen Girvan b:April 20, 1866, Penningham, SCT.
...Niven McKenzie Girvan b:Aug 26, 1868, Penningham, SCT.

 My Great Grandfather, Thomas F Girvan migrated to New Zealand from Scotland in 1874.

 I would like to communicate with anyone following this line of the Girvan name.

 Also I noted; FROM RONALD BRUCE McCOMB, of Arizona, USA: .....I have an almost exact copy of this file which was given to my Great Aunt by a David Girvan from Grenwich, Sydney, Australia (I have no record of this David Girvan as being from our Girvan family)

 Many thanks

 Bob Girvan,

25.  Girvin - Albany, NY orig, Rougemont NC now

 Comments: My name is Kathryn Girvin Peters and I'm interested in knowing more about my family genealogy. My father's name was Alexander Stewart Girvin b.aug 1898 d. nov 1954. I remember one brother named John, and sisters Jenny, Isabelle, and Elizabeth. All of whom lived in Albany NY. We were supposedly of Scottish Irish descent. Any information you could give me from all your research would be most appreciated. Thank you in advance, Kathryn Girvin Peters

26.  Girvin, tracing roots
Bloomington, Indiana USA

Comments: I am interested in tracing my family's roots!

27.  Girvan - parish of Loudoun and the town of Newmilns in Ayrshire
 Thank you for your inquiry regarding the Scottish Girvans. I don't think I can make the real connection you need, but I think you are clearly on the right track.

 My focus for Girvan research has been on the parish of Loudoun and the town of Newmilns in Ayrshire where my grandfather Girvan was born about 1821. Perhaps the best I can do for you right now is to point out the Girvan listings in the 1851 census for Loudoun. This might give you some idea of the Girvan presence in this one locality. In 1851 there were four Girvan families in Loudoun parish:

 1.Residence on Isles Street, Newmilns:
James Girvan, stated to be age 30, cotton handloom weaver, born in Loudoun;
Janet [Thomson], his wife, age 30, a cotton cloth clipper , born in Irvine,
Ayrshire. Their children, all of whom were born in Loudoun, are Janet, age
12, a cotton hand loom weaver; Margaret, age 10, a cotton cloth clipper;
George, age 8; Elizabeth, age 6; James, age 4. (This is my
grandparent's family. James Girvan & Janet Thomson were married in
Kilmarnock on 17 November 1837.)

 2. Residence at Townhead, Loudoun parish.
George Girvan, age 28, cotton hand loom weaver, born in Loudoun, Ayrshire;
Helen, his wife, age 25, her occupation is indecipherable in the original
census return, born in Loudoun. Their one child was James MURDOCH, a
step-son, age 4. Also in residence was George's mother-in-law Mary BROWN,
age 75, declared a pauper, occupation: winder, born in Ecclesfechan,

 3.Residence on Main Street, Loudoun parish.
Catherine Girvan, a widow, age 47, a cotton cloth clipper, born in Govan,
Lanarkshire and her unmarried daughter Ann Nicholson, age 16, a cotton
cloth clipper, also born in Govan, Lanarkshire.

 4.Residence in Kilholm, Loudoun parish.
Adam Girvan, age 58, cotton hand loom weaver, born in Newmilns, Ayrshire;
his wife Elizabeth, age 58, of no stated occupation, born in Craigie,
Ayrshire. Living with them are Ann Lawson, an orphan, unmarried, age 14,
born in Newmilns and Elizabeth Lawson, an orphan, age 6, declared as "a
scholar and pauper," born in Newmilns.

 In an earlier census in 1841, three Girvan families were in the same parish,
namely that of my listed above and two others:

 1.James Girvan, age 50, hand loom weaver, born in Ayrshire; his wife
Cateren [sic], age 35, not born in Ayrshire; Ann Nicol, age 6, not born in
Ayrshire; Edward Watson, age 15, hand loom weaver; not born in Ayrshire;
John Wallace, age 15, hand loom weaver, not born in Ayrshire; James
Shuttleton, age 15, hand loom weaver, not born in Ayrshire.

 2.Adam Girvan, age 50, c[otton]weaver, born in Ayrshire; his wife
Elizabeth, age 45, born in Ayrshire; Peter Girvan, age 50, born in
Ayrshire; John Girvan, age 11, weaver, born in Ayrshire; Alex [presumably
Alexander], age 8, born in Ayrshire.

 The 1841 census is always problematic because family relationships were not given and one needs other corroborating evidence to establish them. At any rate, there were a few Girvans in the Loudon area. Since I believe these early census returns are now indexed, it might be useful to scan the Scottish censuses, as well as any census that might have been taken in Antrim, to see if your Girvan family was enumerated in one of the mid-ninteenth century censuses.

Sorry that I don't have the Missing Link for you, but thanks for asking.

 John Ashworth
North Vancouver, British Columbia

28.  Kirkcudbright, Scotland to New Zealand
FROM HELEN WEBSTER, New Zealand          Email:
 I am trying to do our Family tree. But have uncovered a mystery. Our Grandfather Hugh Girvan Webster emigrated to New Zealand between 1907 and 1910. I have a copy of his Birth certificate. The details are:

 Name & surname: Hugh GIRVIN
When & where born: 1881, Jan 2nd 11pm, Gelston
Name of Mother: Mary Milligan GIRVIN: Domestic Servant.
No Father listed: No date & place of marriage

 When & Where registered:
1881 17 Jan at Buchan
John Johnstone, Registrar

 The copy was extracted from the Register of Births for the parish of Kelton, the Stewarty of Kirkcudbright.

 At the time of Hugh Girvan's marriage to our grandmother in 1910 he recorded himself as Hugh Girvan Webster with his father being recorded as Henry Webster.

 I do not know if anybody can help me find for details - I would be pleased if they could.

 I forgot to mention that Hugh Girvin/Girvan Webster lived at 22 Maule Drive, Partick West, Glasgow around 1907. His first wife was Jane Watson Richardson who died 17 June 1907(Childbirth) . Jane Watson Richardson came from "Frenchlands", Moffat.

 Kindest regards,
Helen Webster

29. History of  Charles Girvin Family from Co. Antrim, Ireland to Amherst Island, Ontario, Canada
 Hi there,
the attached message was sent to me by a Geoffery Girvin. It might be useful for your Girvin family homepage.
 All the best,
 Hi John: I just received this from my dad (Richard Arthur Girvin) and it is very interesting, although I had understood that my ancestors came from Scotland from a little town called "Girvan" on the western coast of Scotland, this seems to have data that also matches.
Geoff Girvin, Senior Manager, North American Operations Services
 Good Morning Geoff,
 I have been corresponding with a John GIrvin from Brekenridge, Michigan and he just sent me a paper on "the Girvin Clan" which seems to ring true. Note particularly that John A Girvin was a contractor in Winnipeg, and he married a Jane ARTHUR. (My middle name). The last page is a summary of John's letter to me and some of the details I have added.
 Toronto, January 1st, 1954 Lois Waldes

 In the early years of the last century, Charles Girvin and his wife, the former Rachel Carleton, with their family of three daughters and six sons, left their place of abode in County Antrin(?), Ireland and coming to Canada, settled on Amherst Island 12 miles from the city of Kingston.

 The parents spent their remaining days on the island while their family, with the exception of two sons, namely Louis and (?). Samuel and James sought homes for themselves elsewhere. Rachel Girvin visited in Cartwright township, Durham County, where she met and married Matthew Divitt. Their family consisted of one daughter, Eliza Divitt, who married William Irvine of Victoria County, and four sons, Matthew, John, Charles and Samuel Divitt.

Mary Ann Girvin left Amherst Island and married James Caesar of Ashville township, Huron County. To them were born one daughter Mary Ann, who married Robert Mcrien and five sons, viz: Henry Charles, John, James and Samuel Caesar.

 Another daughter of the Charles Girvin family, Elizabeth, left Amherst Island and also settled in Ashfield, where she married John Taylor of West Wawanosh township. Three daughters were born of this marriage: Mary Ann Taylor married John Baitie of West Wawanosh township, and Rachel married Hugh Phillips of Ashfield township. The elder son of the early settlers of Amherst Island, John Girvin (commonly called "Kentucky") settled in West Wawanosh, Huron County and owned the farm which was later the property of Robert Kirk who also came from Amherst Island. He left in the early days and went to California and regarding his future, I haven't any knowledge.

 The second son of Charles and Rachel Girvin, Samuel, remained on Amherst Island and with his wive, the former Eliza Grey, lived on the Girvin homestead. Samuel Girvin died in 1899 in his ninetieth year. His wife died in '68. Their family consisted of three daughters and four sons. Agnes Girvin died (I think) in '87 while Raechel (who never married) dies in 1900. Robert Girvin, the eldest son moved to Hamilton from Kingston and died in Hamilton in 1913 in his 76th year. David Girvin settled in West Wawanosh in '67, moving to Ashfield in 1882 and died in Dungannon in 1923 in his 84th year. Charles Girvin, the third son, remained on Amherst Island and died in 1888 at age 56. Samuel, the youngest son lived on the homestead until his health failed and he died in Colorado in 1904, at age 52.

 David, the third son of Charles and Rachel of Amherst Islands, moved to Huron County and with his wife, formerly Anne Glenn, lived in Ashfield township on the farm now owned by Arthur Elliot. Their family consisted of two daughters and four sons. David Girvin, (I believe) died about the middle of the last century while his wife who later remarried James Trimble, lived to a good age. Jane Girvin, the eldest daughter, married James Whyard and lived in Dungannon. She died in 1916, her husband having preceded her by a few months. Annie Girvin married Robert Henderson, a native of Amherst Island an they made their home in West Wawanosh. Mrs. Henderson died in 1917, Robert Henderson died in Dungannon, a year or two later. James Girvin, the oldest son went west to Saskatchewan when a young man and settled at Wafella, near Regina, where he spent his remaining days.

 JOHN A. GIRVIN, the second son sought his fortune in the west in the early days. He settled in Winnipeg, where he became a noted contractor.

 The station in the village of Girvin derived the name from the carpenter, who built it. John Girvin died in Winnipeg in 1928.

His brother Charles also went west as a young man and settled in Colorado, where he farmed until his death. William, the fourth son was a merchant tailor in Dungannon. He moved to Harrison, where he continued in business for some years, after moving to Toronto where he died in 1929. His wife died in 1942.

Charles Girvin, the fourth son of the early settlers of Amherst Island, like his brothers, left Amherst Island in the early days and took up farming in West Waswanosh, Huron County. He and his wife, formerly Jane Patterson also of Amherst Island, owned the farm now occupied by their great grandson, Harry Girvin. Charles Girvin took great interest in the municipal affairs of the township and was the Reeve of West Wawanosh and one of the first wardens of Huron County. He died in March, 1898. His wife died several years before. Their family consisted of two daughters and three sons, all well and favorably known in the district, having spent their lives in the community in which they were born. Sarah Girvin, the eldest daughter married Joseph Bell of Ashfield township. They later moved to Colborne township, where she died soon after. Joseph Bell lived to a good age. Rachel Girvin married James McBride of Colborne township and they continued to live on their farm at Carlow. James McBride passed on in 1926, aged 76 years. Mrs. McBride died in 1920 aged 76.

 The eldest son of Charles Girvin, Hugh Girvin like his father was interested in Municipal affairs and was a member of Ashfield town Council also Reeve of Ashfield 1894-96. His wife died in 1934. Charles Girvin, the second son spend the greater part of his life in West Wasanosh, where he farmed. He married Annie Ferguson of Durham County. They moved to Gorderich in 1916. Charles Girvin died in 1926 and his wife died in 1942. Charles Girvin dies in his 79th year and his wife (I believe) had attained the age of 90. James Girvin , the youngest son lived on the homestead and married Sarah Penttand of West Wawanosh and they continued to live on the farm, finally moving to the village of Dungannon in 1928, where James Girvin died in 1930, aged 73. His wife died in 1938.

 Alexander Girvin, another son of the early settlers of Amherst Island, settled in Brandford, where with his wife and family of one daughter whose name I cannot recall, and two sons, Alexander and Charles lived for some time, finally moving to California many years ago. They, no doubt, have passed on.

 James Girvin, the youngest son died on Amherst Island in his youth having contracted a severe cold from which he never recovered.

 This is the history of the Girvin Clan who preceded the tow present generations. SEG.

 (This copy was obtained from Doris Eadie on Jan. 23, 1995)


 From John A Girvin, cousin. July 11, 1997

 " you will find when you read the writeup on the Girvins, they came from Ireland and settled on Amherst Island whihc is located in Lake Ontario.

 "Your Grandfather, John A. Girvin, was the son of David who was a brother of my greatgrandfather (John) and both David and John settled in Huron County, Ontrario in the early 1840's David died in 1858 and his widow married James Trimble and they had one son (Thomas Trimble). David's widow (Anne Glenn) died in 1904; she was born in 1821.

 "David and Anne's children were:
...Jane 1843-1916 lived in Dunagnnon
...Rachel 1846-1849
... Ann Elizabeth 1847 - 1914 Lived in West Wawanosh
... James 1850 -? Lived in Waxella, Sask
... JOHN A 1852- 1928 Lived in Winnipeg
... Charles 1854 - Lived in Colorado
...William 1857-1929 Lived in Colorado

 " ...John A. married Jane Arthur (1849-?)

 John Girvin (correspondent)

 Great Great Grandparents: Charles and Rachel (Carlton)
Son: John (Great Grandfather) married Grace Darlington
son: Samuel (Grandfather) married Rachel Carpenter
son: Samuel (Father) married Olive Hillock (1899- date)
son: John (correspondent) married Raya McDonald (divorced)
2 children married with children

 Great Great Grandfather: Charles and Rachel Girvin (Carlton)
Great Grandfather: David Girvin (1800? - 1859) married Anne (Glenn)
Grandfather: John A Girvin (1852 - 1928) married Jane Arthur
Father: Fred Hendrick Girvin (1886 - 196?) married Ronee (Rose)
2nd marriage
Richard Arthur Girvin (1921 - married Judith S (Squire) divorced 1983
3 children

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