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1.  Origin of the name Girvan (5 messages) 
2.  Girvin/Garvin - Kentucky/Ohio
3.  Gervin ancestors - Ontario 
4.  Looking for Girvins - Louisiana 
5.  Reposting Girvan - Lanark, Scotland 1800's 
6.  Re: Reposting Girvan - Lanark
7.  Maybole, Scotland Girvans 
8.  Andrew Girvin m Elisabeth Faulds abt 1837 - Scotland 
9.  Rachael Girvin ca 1812  - Belfast, Glasgow
10.  Girvan/Girven graves in Co. Down, N. Ireland
11.  Garvin, James - Armagh to Ontario
12.  Garven glasgow-perth scotland 
13.  David Gervin family of Wheeling, West Virginia 
14.  Albany, NY Girvins 
15.  Ireland to Glasgow to NYC Girvins 
16.  Jane Girvin - County Down, Ireland to Amherst, Ont., Canada 
17.  Re: Jane Girvin  - Co. Down, Ireland to Amherst 
18.  Vital Records from San Francisco 1869-1891 
19.  The Catholic Girvan  - Girvan, Scotland to Pennsylvania 
20.  Girven Family - New Zealand
21.  Girvin, Garvin - Ireland/England 
22.  Girvan - Derriaghy church records- County Antrim
23.  Re: Girvan -Derriaghy church records- County Antrim
24.  Girvan-Northern Ireland 
25.  Re: Girvan-Northern Ireland 
26.  Girvan - Northumberland 
27.  Girvin/Martin - County Tyrone
28.  Girvin - Pennsylvania 
29.   Girven - Girvan, SCT to PA 1855 to Ohio to MI
30.  John Girvan  - Australia
31.  ISABELLA GERVIN - Carrickfergus, Ireland  to Ont. and Manitoba, Canad
32.  Girvans In Belgium
33.  Girvin-Albany NY
34.  GIRVAN Jane - Ontario, Canada 
35.  Belfast-Glasgow Girvins
36.  Elizabeth Girvan - Midlothian, Scotland
37.  Gervin in Georgia 
38.  Gervin - New Jersey 1876
39.  Girvin - Kentucky, Tennessee, southeast Missouri
40.  Girvan - Scotland/US/West Indies/Ireland
41.   HUGH GIRVAN  - Maybole, Ayrshire
42.  Part of the Girvan Family too - Girvan, Ayrshire/Northern Ireland/Cornwall
43.  Ayrshire/N. Ireland/Campbeltown, Argyll
44.  1852 Kirkcudbritght, Scotland - 1883 Australia
45.  Agnes Girvan - Ballymena, County Antrim, Ireland 
46.  Girvin - Albany. N.Y. 
47.  Girvans in Jamaica
48.  Re: Girvans in Jamaica 
49.  Re: Re: Girvans in Jamaica 
50.  Jane Girvin/ James Whyard family 
51.  Esther Elizabeth Garvin(Girvan) - Scotland/Dublin/NY/IA
52.  Hugh Girvan from Gelston Village
53.   starting family tree research  - Girvan - Australia
54.  Re: starting family tree research 
55.  Hugh Girvan - Gelston Lodge/ Kirkpatrick Durham

  1.  Origin of the name Girvan (5 messages)   Friday, 19-Nov-99 04:31:30
    I am trying to help my son-in-law to find the origin of his family name which is Girvan.
    If anyone could tell me where this name originated from or anything about it I would be most grateful.
    His family came to Australia and like so many of them ..they have no idea where they came from originally.

    Val Hickey

  meaning of Girvan                    Tuesday, 11-May-99 13:28:43
    I have found that the origin of Girvan is from Gaelic....... jarbh... meaning "rough".... the bh is sounded as a "v". Does anyone else know anything about the origin of the name?

    Barb Girvan Horak

Re: meaning of Girvan     Monday, 23-Aug-99 17:11:09 

With regards to the comments on the meaning of "Girvan", this may intres the reader. I was born in the town of Girvan,
      South West Scotland. I was told the meaning for "Girvan" was from the the distortion of the Gaelic word "Jarbh",
      meaning "Rough River". This may be true as the town is settled on the River Girvan's point of entry at the sea and was a
      natural harbour. It should however be noted that being in the "Lowlands" Gaelic was not a strong language as the area
      was more associated with English as the natural language 

    Mike Collins

    Girvan - meaning Tuesday, 28-Nov-00 18:35:55
    jarbh or more correctly garbh is indeed ,rough,  in gaelic 
    And SOME translate it as 'gearr abhainn' short river 
    HOWEVER - I am of the opinion that the name came to Scotland from County Donegal with Columba or his followers in the fifth century 
    There are two names Garvan Sound and Garvan Isles off the north-west coast and so-called because of the fish abounding there 
    i.e. sea bream; the Irish for which is indeed Garvan 
    Interestingly in Burke's Peerage the coat of arms includes three fish 


    Girvan surname origin     Thursday, 04-May-00 20:23:09

    It is suggested that Girvan may be an anglicized form of Ó Gairbhín and a variant of the well known Munster Ó Garbháin (Garvan). another suggestion is that it came from Scotland as a toponymic formed from the place-name Girvan. The fact that Girvan and Girvin are exclusively Ulster surnames, mainly found in Co. Antrim would seem to coroborate this. 
    In Co. Armagh Garron has been reported as equated with Girvin. 

    Barb's in gaelic is pronounced "v" 

    Barb Girvan Horak

2.  Girvin/Garvin - Kentucky/Ohio                Tuesday, 13-Feb-01 22:44:05
    My branch of Girvin/Garvin traces from Maysville Mason County ,Kentucky 1850 census to Jefferson County, Ohio 1830 census. Marriage of Robert Garvin (1787 Ire -187? Ky) to Nancy Gray (1800 Pa - 186? Ky) on 3-16-1821 in Jefferson Co.,  OH. Land records reflect 1814 existence of Robert Garvin in Island Creek, Jefferson Co., OH. 
    Any leads on this Irishman prior to 1814 would be greatly appreciated. Robert L Girvin


3.  Gervin ancestors - Ontario           Saturday, 10-Feb-01 15:18:06
    I am looking for my great great grandfather James Gervin. He Emmigrated to Ontario, Canada some time between 1840-1848. He married Elizabeth Whitehead (english) the daughter of a English Army Officer. She was born in India. 

    Bruce Gervin

4. Looking for Girvins - Louisiana               Wednesday, 31-Jan-01 17:35:08
    My dad is Charles R. Girvin III. He grew up in Louisiana. Charles R. Girvin II was an orphan, and died when my dad was young, so we have very little information on that side of the family. We do know that the original Charles Girvin (my father's grandfather) died in a train accident. That's about it. If anyone has any information on the Girvins, or any idea where I can get information, please feel free to email me. Thanks! 

    Allison Girvin

5.  Reposting Girvan - Lanark, Scotland 1800's     Tuesday, 19-Dec-00 02:18:39
    Hi all 
    I've only just started my research into my family tree and came across this site through the LDS family search.I must say I enjoyed reading reading the mail from other Girvans. 
    I have managed to track back to my 3rd great grandmother Sarah Girvan.   She was married to Hugh Provan circa 1851.I think I've managed to find the exact wedding date through the LDS but will need to check it out further.They were married on 13/7/1851 in Lanark Scotland. 
    As I confirm further information I will let you know.In the meantime, if anybody has a link to either Hugh or Sarah, please let me know. 
    Bye for now 
    Paul McBride 

6. Re: Reposting Girvan - Lanark     Tuesday, 19-Dec-00 08:09:29 

          My Great-Grandfather had a sister named Sarah Girvin. The spelling is a bit off, but I have different spellings between
          siblings. She was born in 1864 in Lanark. I assume she was named after someone. Perhaps an aunt, which could be
          your Sarah. Check to see if your Sarah had a brother named John. Could her parents be Andrew Girvan and Elisabeth


7.  Maybole, Scotland Girvans      (03-Dec-00 20:24:13)

Greetings everyone,
      I am looking for any information on William Girvan from Maybole, Scotland c. early 1800's. His two brothers John and
      Thomas left Maybole somewhere around 1824 or 1825.. I was wondering if the Girvans from Maybole are mentioned
      in Burke's Peerage??
      Thanks in Advance


  8.   Andrew Girvin m Elisabeth Faulds abt 1837 - Scotland        Saturday, 28-Oct-00 08:51:09
    Looking for info on Andrew Girvin m Elisabeth Faulds about 1837 in Scotland. Also Isabella Girvin (Campbell) who married Alexander Robert Girvin in 1889 Scotland. This would be Isabella's 2nd. marriage. I don't know who her first husband was. Her father was James Campbell and her mother Jessie Campbell. Isabella was born abt. 1866. Her father was from Ireland and reputed her birth as he did her sisters. Any information would be helpful. 


  9.  Rachael Girvin ca 1812  - Belfast, Glasgow   Tuesday, 17-Oct-00 18:32:26
    I have a Rachael Girvin she m. Hugh McCready ca 1832. They had a son Hugh McCready b. 21 Sept. 1833 on his death certificate where question is asked where mother born it states On The Ocean.On Hugh Jr. death certificate it states his father born Belfast, Ireland. Hugh McCready III his death certificate says he was b. Glasgow Scotland. Hugh Jr. m. Mary Cairns. This is all I have to go on at this time.

10.  Girvan/Girven graves in Co. Down, N. Ireland   Saturday, 30-Sep-00 07:32:51
       A friend sent me the following from the Scotch/Irish list concerning Girvan graves in County Down, in GREY ABBEY
       GRAVEYARD. If you need to know where this is, check

       Here are the Girvan grave inscriptions... hope they help someone out there! :-)

       James Girvan, late of Gordenall
       died Jan 16 1801 aged 35
       also his brother John
       died 23 April 1849 aged 72
       also Agnes Girvan, wife to Hugh Girvan
       died 27 Feb 1847 aged 69
       also the said Hugh G
       died 27 Mar 1853 aged 82
       also his grandson John Girvan
       died 4 Apr 1857 aged 17

       Margret(sic) Girvan alias McKEE, wife to Charles Girvan of Ballybrain
       died 19 Jan 1809 aged 33
       also Joseph G of Greyabbey
       died 23 Nov 1865 aged 87
       also his wife Elizabeth G alias BOYD
       died 17 Oct 1846 at Albney, USA aged 66
       also Hugh G of Greyabbey
       died 20 Jan 1868 aged 65

       Erected by Alexander Girven, Springvale in memory of his father
       Alexander H
       died 15 Feb 1828 aged 61
       also his daughter Jane Emily M. Girven
       died 29 May 1854 aged 17
       his Mother Margaret G
       died 15 Feb 1854 aged 83
       also a child who died young.
       also his daughter Mary G wife of Henry COULTER
       died 6 June 1915 aged 52

       Alexander Girven. Hugh Girven, son to the above
       died 25 Feb 1864 aged 18

       GIRVEN(in Walker Grave)
       Erected by Joseph WALKER of Ballybrain in memory of his mother Ellen
       alias GIRVEN
       died 1 Oct 1818 aged 45

  Barb Girvan Horak

  11.  Garvin, James - Armagh to Ontario     Saturday, 02-Sep-00 07:59:09
    James Garvin b. Cty. Armagh, May 1787. Artillery Driver for British Regulars 1803-1816. Moved with wife Isabella Coulter and son, John b. abt. 1808 to Perth, Ontario, Canada in 1817. 

    Cathy Garvin

  12.  Garven glasgow-perth scotland      Sunday, 27-Aug-00 21:12:12
    hello I just discovered this forum while surfing and thought maybe I could find that missing link. 
    my ggrandfather is named JOHN GARVEN and this is what I know about him . His father was irish and john was born about 1857(his wifes birth date) 
    worked for brown`s yard in glasgow as a brass moulder then moved to perth(scotland) married in 1883 to CATHERINE ROBERTSON RAE and worked for the railway as a brass moulder . The one clue I have is my grandfathers sister`s name MARGARET KEANE GARVEN is MARGARET KEANE the name of his mother? doe`s anyone have a margaret keane or king in their family research? can anyone help me find any info on him ? do not know which one he is on the 1881 census , can some one lok on the 1891 census if they have for me? 
    any help would be appreciated...john garven 

    john garven 

13.  David Gervin family of Wheeling, West Virginia     Friday, 14-Jul-00 02:04:38
    My wife is descended from John White and Ellen Joseph Gervin, who came to Pittsburgh, PA around 1900 with their children from Wheeling, WV. Ellen's parents were David Gervin (a.k.a. David Lawrence F. Gervin) and Mary Devlin. David Gervin may have been born in Clare, Ireland, about 1841 and died 1911 in Wheeling. There is a possibility that his father was Hugh Girvan from County Tyrone but this is gleaned from the IGI and as yet unconfirmed. 

    If anyone is a relative or otherwise has more info please contact me at 

    David Ohliger

14.  Albany, NY Girvins           Saturday, 17-Jun-00 01:37:07
    My grandparents were William Henry Girvin and his wife Genevieve McCarthy Girvin. His parents were (I believe the names are accuate)William Henry Girvin and Mary Kelly Girvin. He had a brother Fred who married Jane Vogel. They had two daughters Mary and Helen. He had a sister Mary Girvin who married a David Kells from NYC. They had a son David Kells who resided in NYC. William and Genevieve had five children. William Henry married to Mary O'Malley, Margaret, Genevieve married to James Joseph Cassidy (my parents), Ona married to William Henry Roy of Mechanicville, NY and Alden married to Mary Priscilla Roy of Mechanicville (my cousin Barb Skolnick's parents). 


15.  Ireland to Glasgow to NYC Girvins     Saturday, 10-Jun-00 06:06:03
    Barb, I just discovered your homepage 
    www.geocities,com/heartland/4081/corresp.html and it is great! 

    My grandfather Thomas Dolan was born in 1886 in Glangevlin, County Cavan, Ireland and emigrated to Glasgow about 1905. He married Ellen Girvin and they had 6 children, including my mother Helen Theresa. They lived in Blantyre right outside Glasgow. Her mother's mother Ellen had 5 brothers - William, Harold, Daniel, and 2 others she thinks died young. Ellen also had 3 sisters - Mary, Anne, and Margaret. My mother went to the Sisters of Mercy Convent School - over the bridge. The Girvins were Roman Catholic, as was Tom Dolan. 

    My mother used to say that her father was president of the Ancient Order of Hibernians, and rode a white horse each year in the local St. Patrick's Day parade. They all moved here to New York City in 1929-1930. My mother never kept in touch with her aunts and uncles or cousins since 1930, and has never gone back. They left for NYC when their house burned down - she said because her father was "friendly" to the IRA. She also remembers that there were Crowley's in the family. One thing, she said the Girvins were not always Scottish, that they had come from Ireland maybe 3 generations before she was born, My mother died last year, the last of the 6 children. 

    I am doing heavy research on my McGovern, Dolan, Brennan and Vierling families, and am building a web site 
    www.mcgovernsof to post all the info. A Joe McGovern currently has a McGovern etc. web site at 

    Hope to hear from anyone who might have further info on my Glasgow Girvin's.I hope my info may be helpful to others. 


    Mike McGovern

  16.  Jane Girvin - County Down, Ireland to Amherst, Ont., Canada        Monday, 22-May-00 22:27:41
    Looking for links to Jane Girvin Grattan of County Down, Ireland, mother of my great grandfather Alexander Girvin Grattan (or McGrattan). Jane died 1843, buried on Amherst Island, Ontario, Canada. Mother of four sons and a daughter.

17.  Re: Jane Girvin  - Co. Down, Ireland to Amherst  Sunday, 18-Jun-00 19:53:03 

      Your message on the Girvin name caught my attention. I have a Alexander Girvin born in Kircubbin, county Down. He
      with his family went to Amherst Island, Canada in 1830's. His father was Charles Girvin. My family records indicate the
      following" Alexander Girvin, the fifith son of Charles Girvin left Amherst Island and lived in Brantford. He married and
      had two sons, Charles and Alexander and one daughter, whose name I cannot recall. They moved to California many
      year ago and, regarding their future, I have no recollection". The above quote is from my family notes called the Girvin
      If I can be of further help, or you think this is a connection, please let me know. I do have a great deal of information on
      this family.


   Robert L. Mc Call

  18.  Vital Records from San Francisco 1869-1891              Wednesday, 03-May-00 20:54:49

               San Francisco Call Newspaper Vital Records for the Years 1869-1891 

    Girvan, William ... died in 1891 ... age 64 (obit) ... 1891D-2528 
    Girvan, dau of William ... born in 1879 ... 1879B-916 
    Girvin, Kate E. ... married in ---- to Horner, May Wm. ... 1874M-1016 
    Girvin, Lawrence J. ... married in 1889 to Carroll, Hattie J. ... 1889M-1469 
    Girvin, Richard Donald ... married in 1883 to Eyre, Margaret Lee ... 1883M-1649 
    Girvin, son of E.A. ... born in 1881 ... 1882B-1019 
    Girvin, son of E.A. ... born in 1889 ... 1889B-825 

    Barb Girvan Horak

19.  The Catholic Girvan  - Girvan, Scotland to Pennsylvania      Tuesday, 02-May-00 12:37:57
    Pennsylvania Girvans, I'm hoping to find some information about my grandfather, John Girvan. B. Feb 15, 1887 D.Oct. 1966. I don't know if he had any siblings. His father was one (1) of five (5) brothers who came here from Girvan Scotland. Names: John, Robert, William, Alexander and David. I do not know the year or which one was my great grandfather. The great grandfather died when my grandfather was around 8 years old. His mother re-married to a Mr MacDonald. Prior to his untimely death, great grandfather built and repaired looms for the textile industry in the Hazelton area. Unfortuneatly, my grandfather was put out of the family when he married my grandmother as she was Catholic. This little disagreement has left us rootless! Please, if anyone has any information, I would love to hear from you. 

    Debra Girvan Parker

20.  Girven Family - New Zealand          Wednesday, 26-Apr-00 18:55:02
    ***Original message was posted Sunday, 02-May-1999 and was deleted because it contained errors..... edited to correct errors and reposted 26 April 2000 by Barb Girvan Horak at request of Peter Girven*** 

    I am interested in tracing the Girven family name, my Great Gandfather Adam Girven emigrated to New Zealand in 1864, he married Harriet and they founded a large family in New Zealand. Adam came from Fivemiletown, County Fermanagh in Northern Ireland. He was born in 1845, his Father was Richard Girven/Girvan, and his mother was Elizabeth McKay. 

    I have seen various spellings of the name, in New Zealand we have always been the Girvens. I believe a brother of Adams travelled to Canada in the 1840/1850s, they apparently settled in the Petersborough area of Canada. One brother was James and another was Samuel, they would have been born in about the 1830/40's. I am now attempting to contact this branch of the family. I also know of another branch of Girvens in New Zealand, they originate from the Birkenhead area of England, the head of their family was a William John Girven. 

    I live in Britain now, I have travelled to Northern Ireland once already, I will soon again travel to Ireland and continue the search. I have found that Adam had a brother in Fivemiletown called John Girven, Johns daughter Maggie Girven lived in the USA for many years and preached for a time in Dallas. She returned to Northern Ireland in the 1950/60s, she and her brother Dick Girven were the last living Girvens of our branch in Northern Ireland. 

    Peter Girven

21.  Girvin, Garvin - Ireland/England            Wednesday, 05-Apr-00 20:57:04
    Thank you for the Girvin-Garvin page. Surely someone here must be related. It is my hope that I will find out where my G-Grandfather, Thomas Girvin born 1820 in Ireland, was from. He was taken to England by neighbors when he was orphaned. He had at least two brothers whom, I have been told, were also taken by neighbors, but I do not know to where. 
    The people in Egremont, England said many Irish came there in the 1840's because the mines re-opened. Thomas married Bridget Sloan in Ireland and their first son, John,was born there. 
    Thomas and Bridget and four of their children lived out his life in England, but their son, John, came to USA. 


22.  Girvan - Derriaghy church records- County Antrim (Billy Girvan)                  (23-Mar-00 10:45:09)

       (copied from email to Barb Girvan Horak)

       My great grandfather was Edward Girvan, an engine driver married to Mary Patterson. His children were David
       (1875-1930); William(1864-1956); James (1867-1933): all buried in Derriaghy. Another brother, my grandfather,
       Thomas died 1945 is buried in Dundonald Belfast, and a sister Anna is buried in St Elizabeth's also Dundonald

       I asked the rector of Derriaghy church (incidentally - in Co Antrim) for assistance from the parish records, and his
       opinion (from grave  locations) was that the family had lived in the Lisburn, Lambeg, Dunmurry areas of Co Antrim before   moving to 
       Belfast before the turn of  the century. The 1890 Belfast Street directory shows my great grandfather Edward living at 28 Bryson St 
       Strangely, his name in the directory is spelt Girvin. But it's definitely him as my father remembers him. Our family has always 
       spelt it with an "a" - as far as I know.

       The rector also provided me with a lists of Girvans' baptisms, marriages and those buried in the church yard.


       Edward 7.3.1852 son of Wm and Ellen (Bruce)
       Thomas 9.7.54 "
       William 7.7.50 "

       Mary 5.11.1854 daughter of James and Sarah (Robinson)
       Sarah 4.7.52 ditto
       Wm Henry 23.5.58 son of ditto

       Edward 28.9.1828 son of John and Ann (Burrell)
       James 23.10.1831 son of John and Ann (Purdon ?)*
       Robert 14.12.1834 son of John and ?
       Wm Henry 12.4.1835 son of John and Ann (Burr?)*

       * The rector may have had trouble distinguishing the surnames

       Older baptisms

       William 20.8.1776 son of John Girvin (no wife given)
       Sarah 8.1.1785 s of James " "
       Mary 15.4.1787 d of James " "
       Wm 17.3 1787 s of Wm " "

       John 14.2.1823 s of John Girven/ Mary Burns
       Agnes 2.2.1826 d of Wm Girven/Anne Burrows
       John 14.12.1829 s of John Girven /Mary Burns


       Strangely, the only Girvan marriages are for Jane to John Webb and Mary to Paul McKenna, and no dates are given.
       There are no male Girvan marriages on the list.

       There are many deaths recorded between 1827 and 1927, with the various spellings - ending in an; en; in. I don't
       intend to list them (unless you really want me to). Family homes include; Dunmurry; Lisburn; Bogstown; Legmore; Derriaghy; 
        Belfast; Lambeg; Tullynacross. Many were children. From about 1893 onwards, most of the homes are recorded as Belfast (the
        big city). So there must have been a rush to the city as Belfast expanded in the last century (sorry, the one before).

       One recorded death on 5.11.1924 was Edward from Belfast. I reckon him to be my great grandfather.

       Unfortunately, I have not really followed up the Rector's good work.

       This is perhaps of no use to you, but if any of the names or places strike a chord..........

       Note that the dates are dd/mm/yy - not like in America.


  23.  Re: Girvan -Derriaghy church records- County Antrim      Thursday, 23-Mar-00 11:01:08 

      John 14.2.1823 s of John Girven/ Mary Burns 
      Agnes 2.2.1826 d of Wm Girven/Anne Burrows
      John 14.12.1829 s of John Girven /Mary Burns 

      Billy? there are two Johns, sons of John Girven/Mary Burns.... is that a typo???  - Barb

      (Reply from Billy via email) 
      I checked the letter from the Rector and two Johns are definitely 
      listed. Perhaps the older died as a child and the younger when born 
      afterwards was given the same name - that happened sometimes. If he died 
      before 1827 I wouldn't have him on my list. 

      One of the deaths is John Girvan aged 28 on 19.6.1857 - died of fever. 
      This is probably the one born in 1829. 


24.  Girvan-Northern Ireland                     Monday, 20-Mar-00 07:08:19
    I came across your web page and genealogical notes and questions on the Girvan name. I can only tell you that, while it is Scottish in origin, there are far more Girvans in Northern Ireland than anywhere else. I think it's fair to say that it's an Ulster Protestant planter name of probably nearly 400 years antiquity. There are also Girvins here, and some Gervins - but the latter are clustered around Coalisland in Co Tyrone where there are also some Girvans. I consider the Gervins to be merely bad spellers (possibly the Girvins too). I am happy to communicate with you and any others of the Girvan clan, and will be happy to respond to any Emails. 

    William (Billy) Girvan 

    Note: my own family is from Ulster as far back as I can go. The family, before moving to Belfast in the mid 1800s, came from Derriaghy near Lisburn, Co Antrim - where there are a number of Girvan graves (with various spellings) in the Church of Ireland graveyard. Regards 

    Billy Girvan

25.  Re: Girvan-Northern Ireland       Monday, 20-Mar-00 07:20:16 

      I have run across the name in old records on my own family (who always spelled it "Girvan") as Garven, Garvin, Girvin
      and Gervin. It gets confusing! Thanks for your input! 

  Barb Girvan Horak

  26.  Girvan - Northumberland                          Friday, 17-Mar-00 04:45:08

    My name is Colin william Girvan born 30-05-62 
    Fathers name is Harry Cowan Marr Girvan born in Tarbolton 10-10-37 married to Violet Lavinia nee Pringle on 15th April 1961 at Wall in Northumberland 


   27.  Girvin/Martin - County Tyrone                Tuesday, 29-Feb-00 21:46:05
    I have an ancestor Mary Girvin (b. abt1844, d.3/26/1898), married to John H. Martin 
    (b. abt1828, d.7/6/1908), probably from Dungannon or thereabouts (perhaps Killybrachy), 
    County Tyrone. I'd love to hear from anyone with a possible connection. 

    Bob Hankinson

  28.  Girvin - Pennsylvania                         Thursday, 20-Jan-00 05:37:12
    My name is Elizabeth Girvin. I live in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania . My father is James Girvin Jr. Im not sure about much of our history, but would like to chat. This may sound strange but everyone of my relatives have dark hair with very light blue eyes and we have always called them girvin eyes. feel free to email.

    Elizabeth anne Girvin

  29.   Girven - Girvan, SCT to PA 1855 to Ohio to MI      Monday, 17-Jan-00 07:01:16
    I am writing you from Lansing, Michigan, USA, and came across your web site while researching a little family history in preparation for a relative's visit to the U.K. My husband's mother had written a brief family history which described her family ancestroy, in part: Her great grandparents were Andrew Harrison Girven, born in Ireland (1836), and Mary Bothwell, born in Girvan, Scotland (1835.) Andrew's parents were John Girven and Elizabeth (no maident name given.) Mary Bothwell's parents were William (born in Ireland) and Jannette (Dunnegan)(born in Scotland.)  Andrew Girven and Mary Bothwell Girvan came from Girvan, Scotland to the United States of American in 1855 or 1856, living first in Pennsylvania, then Ohio, until they settled in Shepherd, Michigan, USA, where they lived their lives out until the late 1800's. Based on your research, is there anything you may know about any of these people? I would be greatful for any information which you may provide. Thank you!

    Best regards Angela Bailey 


  30.  John Girvan  - Australia    Sunday, 16-Jan-00 06:42:35
    Trying to track down some info on John Girvan who came to Australia sometimne in the late 1800's and was married to Alice Maud Fair?

  31.  ISABELLA GERVIN - Carrickfergus, Ireland  to Ont. and Manitoba, Canada    Friday, 31-Dec-99 15:17:29
    Welcome to the 21st century to all Gervin, Garvin, etc., researchers.
    Here's all the info I have about my great-grandmother, Isabella Gervin (Lockeridge), thanks to correspondence from a relative.
    "She came to Canada in a sailing ship when she was 19 from Carrickfergus. She never heard from any of her family again. I know she could read as she always read her Bible on Sunday mornings sitting at her front window. She worked at making lace in a factory in Carrickfergus before coming to Canada. She used to mention her brother, Jamie, who used to tease his sisters. She had a very strict upbringing and she and her two sisters were not allowd to go beyond the bottom of the garden or play ball on Sundays.
    "Grandma didn't know her birthdate but said she was born in "tatie-digging time."
    "She married Joseph Lockeridge in about 1860 and had 14 children." 
    They lived in Tamworth, Ontario, then moved to the Brandon, Manitoba, area. In 1912, one of her children moved her house to a lot in Bethany, Manitoba. She died about 1918, aged about 78. She also had lived in Belham???, Manitoba.
    Any connections?
    Nancy in WA

    NB in WA

  32.  Girvans In Belgium                  Monday, 11-Oct-99 15:59:19
    Family Girvan, origin Lurgan Co Armagh, N-Ireland

    - J. Girvan (1886-1916)
    - Frank Girvan (1915-1981)
    - Joe Girvan (Stafford - UK)
    - Pamela Girvan
    - Joanne Girvan
    - Linda Girvan + Pete Lavery (Bleary - N.I)
    - Paul Lavery
    - Marc Lavery
    - Kerry Lavery
    - Joycelyne Girvan + Tony Jackson (Lurgan) 
    - Elaine Jackson
    - Philip Jackson
    - Gary Jackson 
    - Richard Girvan (Anglesey - Wales)
    - David Girvan (Tongeren - Belgium)
    - Vanessa Girvan
    - William Girvan (Oxford - UK)
    - Christopher Girvan (Wales)
    - Jonathan Girvan
    - David Girvan
    - Sarah Girvan 

    Vanessa Girvan

  33.  Girvin-Albany NY            Saturday, 28-Aug-99 11:31:32
    In a previous message my mother has inquired about her father Alexander Stewart Girvin of Albany, NY. Since then we have found that his parents were William Girvin and Elizabeth O'Keefe of Albany NY. Siblings of Alexander were: Elizabeth Girvin (Burton), Jean Girvin, John Girvin, Edna Girvin (Jalet), and Isabella Girvin.
    The LDS has a marriage of an Alexander Girvin to Maria Stuart 7/25/1841 at the 2nd Presb. Ch. in Albany NY. Interested in finding out if this could be William's parents.
    Donna Berry

    Donna Berry

  34.  GIRVAN Jane - Ontario, Canada                        Sunday, 15-Aug-99 23:37:55
    Jane Girvan m. Valentine Ingram, emigrated to Canada - not known if before or after marriage. Two sons known about James Valentine Ingram (possibly born in Canada), and John Ingram born in Newmarket, Toronto approximately 1830ish.
    I have no idea where Jane was born or married and although her husband has an unusual name I haven't been able to find any records for him either.


  35.  Belfast-Glasgow Girvins      Friday, 23-Jul-99 21:32:43
    I'm looking for info. on great grandparents Thomas Girvin (received diploma certificate as carpenter in Glasgow) married to Mary Jane Girvan. Son Thomas John Girvin born in Belfast May, 1890. I know this is scarce, but it doesn't seem to coincide with anyone else on the board. Any help welcome! 

    Cathy Girvin

  36.  Elizabeth Girvan - Midlothian, Scotland     Sunday, 27-Jun-99 22:28:56
    My maternal grandmother (born Edinburgh) was called Elizabeth Girvan Lowrie after her grandmother who was married in Dalkeith Midlothian Scotland in 1867. Have not found out where Eliz snr was born yet but think it may have been the county of Midlothian, Scotland. I have only recently started to look into the family tree.

    Just wanted to say that I enjoyed looking at your web-site.

    Bye for now

    Trish Esslemont

  37.  Gervin in Georgia        Sunday, 27-Jun-99 22:26:36
    Hi Barbara,

    My name is Audrey Gervin-Reid and I live in Atlanta, Ga. I found your site thanks to friends I met from Ireland.

    I've been trying to find out more about my fathers family tree. The 1st names of men in his family are George, Bob, John, Robert, Bobby
    and they all live in Albany, Ga. A few have migrated to other places but their place orgin is Albany.

    Because of stories past down that as slaves and then share cropers their only crop were cotton.

    Do you know of other place that I may find additional information about the name Gervin?

    I have since met a Gentleman from Jamica who 1st name is Gervin and Last Name Autry. ...... strange... but I'm leaving no stone unturned.


    Audrey Gervin-Reid 

    A. Reid

  38.  Gervin - New Jersey 1876      Sunday, 27-Jun-99 22:23:35
    Hi, my name is Les Gervin and I live in San Jose, CA.  I have noticed quite a few different variations of the GERVIN surname (mine
    is, however, the 'correct' spelling ;).  If anyone out there has come across this spelling variant, I would appreciate
    hearing from you.

    I have about 50 GERVIN names in my database, however, the earliest GERVIN is John Henry GERVIN (my grandfather) he was born in Trenton, New Jersey, 14 July, 1876.

    Thanks and happy hunting!

    Les Gervin

   39.  Girvin - Kentucky, Tennessee, southeast Missouri  Sunday, 27-Jun-99 22:20:30
    I am looking for my family tree...My father told me years ago that we are Irish and the original surname was
    O'girvin but I have never found this name in my search. My great great grandfathers name was John l. Girvin which came from
    Kentucky into Tennessee and finally in Southeast Missouri in a town called Portageville, Mo. in New Madrid county. My great
    grandfathers name was Warwick Crittenden Girvin and my grandfathers name was also John L. Girvin,Sr. my fathers name was
    John L. Girvin, Jr. also known as "Mike". My grandfather is in the History of Missouri books. I would like very much to be able
    to trace my family history back to Ireland, Scotland,France are where ever we originated. If you could help with any information
    this would be great. 

    Charles Girvin

    Reply from Barb Girvan Horak - I have run across a few O'Girvin, O'Girvans in Ireland

   40.  Girvan - Scotland/US/West Indies/Ireland           Sunday, 27-Jun-99 22:10:51
    Hi, my name is Timothy J. Girven My greatgreatgrandfather was Alexander B. Girvan born feb.2,1802 died oct.1,1876. He came from
    Scotland to the U.S. sometime around 1825 His father in Scotand died Jan.29,1848,his mother died in 1837.His father had remarried to a woman named Nanny Comb. 

    Alexander had brothers named Charles who went to the West Indies in May of 1837 and was a blacksmith,Willian, Thomas who in 1849 was 28 and living in Ireland his wifes name was Jayns and kids Littia and Alexander, Joseph who went to America and died in the fall of 1837 sisters Hellen, Mary and Agness. I hope some one can help me with the info in Scotland. Thanks Tim

    Tim Girven

  41.   HUGH GIRVAN  - Maybole, Ayrshire           Wednesday, 28-Apr-99 00:06:21
    Hugh Girvan was born circa 1808 at Maybole, Ayrshire. His wife was Agnes Mitchel. At the time of the 1851 census, the Girvan family were living at Burnfoot Cottage, Sanquhar, Dumfriesshire,and Hugh's occupation was given as "Overseer Farm". The known Girvan children are:

    John, born c1845, Dunscore
    Hugh, born c1847, Dunscore
    Mary, born 1850.01.30 Sanquhar
    Helen, born 1852.07.30 Sanquhar
    James Alexander, born 1855.04.24 Sanquhar
    Agnes, born 1857.06.07, Sanquhar

    At the time of the 1881 census, Agnes Girvan is shown as head of household.
    Son James Alexander, then aged 25, is shown as mason's labourer. In addition, there is a visiting grand-daughter from England, Mabel Marion Girvan, aged 5.

    I would love to hear from any of their descendants.

    Irene Mitchell

   42.  Part of the Girvan Family too - Girvan, Ayrshire/Northern Ireland/Cornwall Thursday, 25-Feb-99 18:08:46
    I am writing in because i was very interested and excited when i found this site on the net.
    I am 18 years old and both my parents were born and grew up in Northern Ireland ( though we now live in Cornwall - south west england). My dad's name is Robert Girvan ( or Bob) and his parents names are Frank and Margaret Girvan ( though my grandfather has died). A while back we had some other relatives trace our family tree and as far as i understand, our ancestors were born and raised in Girvan, in Scotland and eventually were brought over to Ireland as slaves. Most of our immediate relatives live in Northern Ireland still. I have 4 brothers, twins aged 22, one aged 16 and the other 12. I would be really interested to hear of any other links anyone has made
    kind regards Lucy

    Lucy girvan

  43.  Ayrshire/N. Ireland/Campbeltown, Argyll   Tuesday, 11-May-99 12:39:37 

      hi Lucy....
      Your message is of interest because there is an old family story in my Girvan family that my branch left Ayrshire in
      the late 1700's after a big bank failure and went to Northern Ireland. I have been unable to find where in Northern
      Ireland my John Girvan and his wife Jane Hunter were born, although I do know they were born there. John and Jane
      left Northern Ireland and were married in Campbeltown, Argyll, Scotland in 1841. 

      By the way, my dad's name is Robert Girvan, as was his father, and my brother and his son, and HIS son.... lots of
      Roberts in my family. 

      I would be interested in knowing more about the other relatives that traced your family tree. Perhaps we are related?

      Thanks for signing my board!

     Barb Girvan Horak 

  44.  1852 Kirkcudbritght, Scotland - 1883 Australia           Wednesday, 17-Feb-99 16:40:06

    Di Webb

  45.  Agnes Girvan - Ballymena, County Antrim, Ireland  Friday, 15-Jan-99 20:32:42
    Looking for information on an Agnes Girvan (Girvin). She married William Louden who was born 3-2-1777 in Ballymena, County Antrim, Ireland. I have no dates of birth or any other information on Agnes. Any help would be greatly

    Faith Ludwick

  46.  Girvin - Albany. N.Y.       Thursday, 14-Jan-99 18:30:58
    I am trying to trace my lineage, but have reached a dead end. My father was Alexander Stewart Girvin, Aug. 1898-Nov. 1954. He was the son of William Girvin and Elizabeth O'Keefe and resided in Albany, New York. 
    Any help would be appreciated. 

    Kathryn Girvin Peters

  47.  Girvans in Jamaica       Saturday, 21-Nov-98 21:33:48
    I'm searching for any Girvans in Jamaica @ 1800's. In particular a male doctor. He had a servant name Kate Morgan and had children with her. Any information on the Girvan's in Jamaica would be of great help.

    I am now looiking for information on a Jack Girvan, of Scottish ancestry living in Jamaica c. 1870's. Any information on
    him or his family would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. 

    D. Paige

  48.  Re: Girvans in Jamaica  Tuesday, 12-Jan-99 22:51:16 

      I have been working on my branch of the Girvan family for a number of years; with trips to Scotland and Northern
      Ireland as part of my research. While living in Montreal I was contacted by one of the Jamaican Girvans who was
      working in Ottawa at the time. I talked to him and got some of his family info. At this time I am involved in another
      project but as soon as I can I will look up what info I have and pass it along to you. This will probably be at least a
      month away and of course it might not be exactly what you are looking for. Will keep in touch.
      Gordon Girvan
      (Age 72.. Retired.. Lived in Montreal for 40 years prior to retiring in B.C. ... Have a listing of 265 Girvans in my group,
      going back to a David Girvan in 1586.)(Could not find any immediate connection with the Jamaican Mr Girvan)

      Gordon Girvan 

  49.  Re: Re: Girvans in Jamaica  Monday, 22-Mar-99 19:26:24 

      I am the Jamaican Girvan that Gordon Girvan spoke to in Ottawa! I have some information on Jack Girvan and Robert
      Girvaan. I think Debbie might have hit on her missing link. Will check the board tomorrow night to see if you got my
      Norman Girvan 

   Norman Girvan

   50.  Jane Girvin/ James Whyard family     Tuesday, 18-Aug-98 12:23:02
    James Whyard married Jane Girvin March 29, 1866 and had the following children:
    name born died
    rachel ann 1-18-1867 10/10/1885
    caroline girvin 4/25/1868 
    eliza jane 4/25/1868 11/30/1917
    mary louisa 3/17/1870 2/1944
    david james 9/26/1871 10/25/1950
    clara isabel 11/4/1873 10/3/1939
    honor zulema maud 10/19/1875 6/20/1928
    nathaniel freed 7/22/1877 12/9/1937
    william george herbert 6/19/1880
    grace fanny florence 8/15/1882 1883
    charles edward 5/5/1884
    john thomas 10/10/1885 10/10/1885
    ida fredora 11/30/1887

    Paul Whyard

  51.  Esther Elizabeth Garvin(Girvan) - Scotland/Dublin/NY/IA   Tuesday, 30-Jun-98 01:11:19
    Am trying to find out anything regarding my great great grandmother.  The information we have is very sketchy

    She was born in Ireland on 15 Apr 1822 of Scottish parents. According to oral family history she came to the United States from Dublin
    in 1835 with her mother (name unknown). She wed One Alexander Judson PITTS ( of the Dighton MA PITTS'), a blacksmith in either Bloomingburg Sullivan Co NY or Walkill area of Orange County NY, in 1839. THey had 12 children and moved to Iowa, she is buried in Woodbine Harrison CO IA.
    They were members of the Dutch Reformed Church and their children were baptised in the Bloomingburg Church.. 
    We suspect that her fathers' given name was  JAMES (older brother? uncle? gparent?) since she names her first born James Garvin Pitts.

    She doesn't appear on ships passenger lists for the port of NY (or anywhere else for that matter).  I personally suspect that she kept a great deal hidden 
    Any help would be happily received by her 500+ known descendents!

    Maureen Dilley

  52.  Girvan from Gelston Village -      Saturday, 27-Jun-98 03:25:06
    I have progressed from my posting on the Girvan Homepage.

    I have got as far as Hugh Girvan married 16/06/1856 to Eliazabeth Grieve. They were married at Kirkpatrick Durham. Both resided at Gelston.  Hugh Girvan father was Hugh girvan also and his Mother was Mary nee Shinnan/Shennan. 

    Anyone out there who can tell me more about the Gelston Girvan.

    Thank You

    Helen Webster
    New Zealand

    Helen Webster

   53.   starting family tree research  - Girvan - Australia     Wednesday, 17-Jun-98 05:17:54
    Was just wondering if there were any copies of the Girvan family tree available anywhere. My mothers maiden name is Girvan and I am just about to start the search on her side of the name Girvan.
    So e-mail me if you know of anyone that may help me please, by the way hi my name is Debbie I am from Australia :o) HI again.
    Hope to hear from you soon
    Take care bye for now


  54.  Re: starting family tree research     Tuesday, 12-Jan-99 23:09:26 

      Hi Debbie..
      Good luck on your project. I have been doing a geneology study on my branch of the Girvans from New Brunswick of
      eastern Canada for a number of years. There is an awful lot of info out there if you can find the right keys. While
      working for an Airline, I was able to travel a lot and did research in Scotland and Northern Ireland (Ulster); where a lot
      of the Girvans originated.
      I have a sort of home-made chart I prepared on my computer where I have 266 of my branch listed; from a David
      Girvan of Girvan Scotland in 1586 to the current time. Have not been working on my chart for a couple of years now
      due to wrapping up my business life and getting into retirement but intend to pick it up again. My chart is sort of peculiar
      to my computer/printer combination but if you would like my listings I could send you a floppy disk with the stuff on it
      and you might possibly find a name that tied in with your mothers family while they were in either Scotland or Northern
      Ireland. I answered your msg mainly because I always wanted to find a Girvan contact in Australia who might know
      something about my ancestry. (Also, I have been to Australia twice; once on vacation and once when I worked in
      Canberra on a computer project for the Australian Air Traffic Control system.) I am interested in exchange of info, so if
      you would like my data, I would expect you to send me yours when you have it. !!!! 
      Gordon Girvan
      Age 72... Retired Airline Manager... Living in Surrey, British Columbia 

   Gordon Girvan

  55.  Hugh Girvan - Gelston Lodge/ Kirkpatrick Durham                  Sunday, 31-May-98 16:19:50 

      I am researching a Mary Milligan Girvan bn Gelston Lodge 1857.

      Mother Elizabeth Grieve, Father Hugh Girvan m. 1856. OPR Kirkpatrick Durham.

      I am waiting for my GRO certs to arrive. Hopefully I will be able to delve further


     Helen Webster 

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