Kubalek Family Graves in Lukavec

(graphic intensive - allow time to load)

 A photo of the Frantisek and Barbora (Chromosta) Kout grave in Lukavec.
It is a family grave and has a picture of a man and his wife on it. 
(I am  not sure who the picture is of - Frant. & Barbora Koutovi are the names on the grave.
For those of us in the United States, "Kout" is pronounced like "coat".)

A photo of the family grave of "RODINA KUBALKOVA" in Lukavec

Photo of  the grave of "RODINA KUBALKOVA  & DUBINOVA in Lukavec with a small photo of a man on the grave.
This could be the grave of Frantisek Kubalek and his wife Frantiska Dubina


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