Visit to Roučkovice and Pacov

In the summer of 2003, Charlie Krizek, son of Blanche (Pelisek) Krizek, grandson of Joseph Pelisek, visited the Czech Republic with his wife Vicki.  They hired a car and a translator to go with them to visit Pacov and Rouckovice, where his grandfather had lived.  In Rouckovice, the translator asked a woman if she knew where the Pelisek family had lived.  She pointed to a house and said that was the Pelisek house, but that the people who lived there were out of town.  Charlie was able to take a photo of the back of the house.  The Krizeks also saw the church in Pacov, and found the Pelisek grave in the cemetery.  The following are photos Charlie took and later allowed me to scan.

UPDATE January 24, 2011 - please read the note on the page "Photos from Czech Relatives" to find out about the below corrections in red.

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Roučkovice's entry sign

Charlie Krizek standing beside a
Pelisek family grave in Pacov.

1/24/11 - Jirina's correction:  The above is not the correct Pelisek grave.
The grave where Joseph Pelisek's parents are buried is in an older part of the graveyard.
The above grave belongs to Pelisek, Picha and Planecky families.

A close-up of the grave stone.
Rodina Peliskova (Family Pelisek)
See note in red, above right.

The church in Pacov which
Joseph Pelisek probably attended.



Thanks to Charlie Krizek for allowing me to scan the below photos.

This is believed to be the Pelisek house in Roučkovice
An arrow points to "babika"

1-24-11  Jirina's correction:  This is the house in Pacov, where Mary Jokes-Pelisek-Picha moved after living in Rouckovice.  In the photo is Mary, with her neighbor.  Originally it was addressed to Mr. Jan Hervir.  Josephine Picha (Joseph's step-sister) married Jan Hervir.  When they died, Jirina found this postcard and sent it to George Pelisek in the United States. 

Aerial view of Pacov, the larger
town 2 miles west of Roučkovice



Another view of Pacov

1-24-11   From Jirina:  This is a photo of Joseph's full-blood sister, Mary Pelisek who married Jan Cecak, with her daughter, Zdenka.  The names of her children are Zdenka, Milka, Joseph, Jarka & Lojza.

Charlie Krizek's sisters and mother
Julia (Krizek) Bailey, Hetty (Krizek) Carpenter, Charlie Krizek
mother Blanche (Pelisek) Krizek, and Alice (Krizek) Kay.  Photo taken in 2004.

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