Emigrated from Bohemia to Johnson County, Monroe Twp., Iowa 1864

Sedlacek genealogy book now available. 

Descendants of Multiple Sedlacek Families of Sedliste, Czech Republic
  - by Sharon Foley

This book, available on, is about multiple Sedlacek families who left
Sedliste, Litomysl, Bohemia, and immigrated to the United States, settling in Iowa,
Nebraska and Kansas.  If your family has connections to the Sedlacek families, it is
probably listed in this massive work by researcher and descendant, Sharon Foley. 

Jan (John) Sedlacek was born 1 May 1827 in house #6 in the village of Sedliste, parish of Litomysl, Bohemia, the son of Jan Sedlacek and Mariana Kasparova.  On 12 May 1846, Jan married Mari Magdalena Sedlackova at The Dean's Church of the Elevation of the Holy Cross, Litomysl, Bohemia.  Mari was born 8 Jul 1826 in house number 4 in Sedliste, daughter of Frantisek Sedlacek and Mari Magdalena Rihova.

While still in their homeland, Jan and Marie had seven of their nine children: John, Frank, Marianne, Joseph, Anna, Anton, and Katherine.  The family sailed from the port of Bremen in present day Germany on the ship Hansa, arriving in the United States at the Port of New York on October 10, 1864.  They settled near what was to become the town of Swisher, in Monroe Township, northern Johnson County, Iowa. Two more children were born after their arrival, Helen in December of 1865 and Wesley, in 1868.

Jan and Mari would be astounded to see the huge number of descendents they have contributed to the Eastern Iowa area, with many still in the general vicinity in and around Cedar Rapids, Fairfax, Swisher and Ely.  If you see a familiar surname in the three generation Descendant Chart below, please contact us.

Descendants of Jan Sedlacek

updated November 2004
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Much of the research on this line is being done by Sharon, another Sedlacek family researcher, who has graciously shared her information. There is a wealth of information available on this family that is not posted, both state-side and in the "old" country.  If you feel this is your family line, please contact one of us with details of your connection.


Please help us identify these photos
of one of the Sedlacek brothers and unknown Sedlacek children.

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sedlacek_unknown.jpg (47096 bytes)According to recent email correspondence with Tom Sedlacek of Cedar Rapids, this portrait is Frank Sedlacek, born 25 July 1848, d. 18 Feb. 1934, married Anna Novotny.  Compare it to the below photo of Frank and Anna with their family to see if you agree.


sedlacek_children.jpg (24023 bytes)Tom believes this photo is of three of Frank & Anna's daughters, Mary and Anna, (who in the family photo are standing on either side of their brother, Joseph L.) and the little one in the middle of the three he believes to be Blanche (who is sitting on the left, bottom row in the family photo.)

Sedlacek Family Photos

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