Sedlacek Family Photos

Son Frank

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Jan and Marie Sedlacek's son Frank, with wife
Anna Novotny and children. Photo from S. Foley.

Son Frank's wife

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Anna (Novotny) Sedlacek, b. 1 Mar 1853 wife of Frank Sedlacek, Jan & Marie's son. Photo from Mary Simanek.


Daughter Katherine

Katherine Sedlacek, Daughter of Jan and Marie, married Joseph Holets.  Photo circa 1890 from B. Horak. For those with Holec/Holets family connections please see the Holets Page

Daughter Helen

Helen (Helena) Sedlacek, Daughter of Jan and Marie, married Mathias (Mateje/Matthew) Nemecek.  Photo from tin type held by the Zahradnik family.

Daughter Helen's family

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Frank, Agnes, Anna, Stella & Frances Nemecek with parents Matthias and Helen (Sedlacek) Nemecek in back.
Photo from Zahradnik family.

Daughter Helen's family

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Helen Sedlacek Nemecek, daughter of Jan and Mari, died in 1900 leaving her husband Matthias a widower.  He is shown above with his children:  Back row - Stella Nezerka, Frances Zahradnik, Anna Michalek.  Seated: Matthias Nemecek, Agnes Andrle, Frank Nemecek.  Photo from Zahradnik family.

Son Joseph

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Four generations: Joseph Sedlacek, b. 1856, his son, John, b. 1891; his son Wesley holding son Ron, father of Chris Sedlacek who sent this photo.  Taken about 1940 in Pipestone, MN.

Son Joseph's children

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John Sedlacek on left; brother Milo standing.  Both are sons of Joseph Sedlacek and Anna Kulhavey; grandsons of Jan and Mari.  Photo from Chris Sedlacek, Birmingham, AL

Grandson Joseph L. Sedlacek's home

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The home of Jan and Marie's grandson Joseph L. Sedlacek south of Fairfax, Iowa.  Pictured are his wife Frances B. (Rypka) Sedlacek and daughter Martha Sedlacek. Photo from Mary Simanek.  Joseph L. was the son of Frank Sedlacek (wfie Anna Novotny), son of Jan and Mari.

Grandson Joseph L. Sedlacek
and Frances (Rypka) Sedlacek's children.

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 L to R: Henry, Florence Bertha, Leo. Seated, Raphael. Circa 1907-1908.   Photo from Mary Simanek

Grandson Joseph L. and Frances B. (Rypka) Sedlacek's children

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.  Left to right:  Leo Charles Sedlacek, Henry Joseph Sedlacek, Ralph Franklin Sedlacek, Florence Bertha Balik, Anton Walter Sedlacek, and Martha Frances Simanek. Photo from Mary Simanek.

Children of Ralph Franklin Sedlacek, Leo Charles Sedlacek and Joseph and Florence Bertha Balik

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L to R Top Row:  David Sedlacek, Leola Sedlacek, Marvin Sedlacek, Lucille Balik.  Bottom:  Lois Sedlacek, Pat Sedlacek and Frances Balik.  Photo from Mary Simanek.



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