Smejkal Family Photos

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Anna Smejkal Horak
daughter of Frank and Anna Svihla Smejakl


Joseph Horak
husband of Anna Smejkal

Frank Smajkal (closeup)
son of Wesley & Mary Ann Dubisar Smajkal

smejkal_frank_w2.jpg (34805 bytes)
 Frank W. Smajkal
son of
& Mary Dubishar Smajkal

Mary Smajkal
daughter of Wesley 
& Mary Dubishar Smajkal

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Mary Smajkal
daughter of Wesley 
& Mary Dubishar Smajkal
 wed to Wm. Mumm

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(NOTE:  I have been told that this photo was not identified correctly. It was previously identified as Katherine Dubishar Vanourny. )  

The woman in the photo is Katherine Dubishar Vanourny's daughter, Anna Vanourny Zobin.  She is holding her nephew Allen Vanourney, her brother Ed Vanourny's son. The boy on the right is Leo Vanourney, Anna's younger brother.  The photo was taken in 1923.  The information was provided by Amy (Zobin) Craddock, Anna's granddaughter.


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Photo taken in 1917 of the Alois Vanourney and Katherine Dubishar Vanourny family. The people are, back row, from left - Anna Vanourney Zobin (their daughter), Alois, Katherine, Barbara (their daughter). In front row, from left: Emma (daughter), Leo (son, standing) and Clara (daughter).  Identified by Amy (Zobin) Craddock.

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Family Tree
showing Frank & Anna Svihla's
children and ancestors

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