Girvan/Girvin/Gervin Correspondence

Over the years I have hosted several versions of message boards for this surname, all of which either closed down or reached their limit for the number of messages.  However, on the below links I have saved much of the "Girvan correspondence" I have had via email and on the message boards. 

There is a LOT of valuable information contained for Girvan researchers that care to take the time to look.  Don't forget that you can use the "find" feature on your browser to search for specific information, localities, etc. 

Thanks to all of you for participating over the years.  I suggest you now post to the Girvan and variant surname boards at Rootsweb.


(1997-98) Girvan Correspondence, Page 1

(1998-2001) Girvan Correspondence, Page 2

Girvan & Variants Surname Messages, page 1
Girvan & Variants Surname Messages, page 2

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