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 MESSAGES 41-76 (with responses)

41. girvan hector -  12/18/2002

Can anybody help with details on my grandfather Hector Girvan born Glasgow? a pro-footballer for various Scottish teams and then Reading and Swindon and Barnet in the late 20's/30's? ended playing career in around London.

42. Girvan/scotland/anytime - Bill Girvan ( 11/6/2002

Looking for any info on the Girvan Name from Glasgow, Scotland.
Regards, Bill Girvan

42a. Re: Girvan/scotland/anytime - Debbie ( 12/7/2002, 6:20 pm

 I have a William R Girvan. He is in Glasgow in the 1891 census.

43. Girvan-Boyd/County Down & Albany NY/1700s-1800s - Stuart Holland ( 11/1/2002, 9:00 am

My 3x great grandparents were Joseph Girvan (1778-1865) and Elizabeth Boyd (1780-1846) from County Down, whose daughter Jane Girvan moved to Albany, NY with husband Prestley Byers sometime before 1834. I am looking for more information on Joseph's and Elizabeth's families, as well as siblings of Jane. I see there were other Girvans that moved to Albany; perhaps they are siblings? I have seen Jane's name spelled Girvin.

44. Girvan/Girvine Glasgow/Belfast 1858 onwards - Susan Macdonald ( 10/23/2002, 4:54 am

Seeking info on ancestors of Henry Girvine and Jane Blair who married Belfast 11 july 1858 then at some point before 1864 moved to Glasgow where name changed to Girvan.

45. girvan /Ayrshire,Scotland/CountyTyrone/1800s - annette hood ( 9/12/2002, 3:20 pm

My greatgrandfather was John Girvan of Auchinleck,Ayrshire.His parents were james and Bridget girvan(nee Donachie),from County Tyrone,Ireland.James Girvans parents were James and Roseann Girvan(nee McHottan),also from Ireland.Has anyone came across these names in their searches?
I have not been able to trace back any further,any help would be appreciated.

46. Girvan/Oakville,Ontario/Kincardine,New Brunswick/Aug20,2002 - Lori ( 8/20/2002, 9:04 pm

Daughter of G.J.Roy Girvan;  Grandaughter of Garnet Girvan and Mildred Morton;  Originally from Kincardine,New Brunswick

46a. Re: Girvan/Oakville,Ontario/Kincardine,New Brunswick/Aug20,2002 - Grammie ( 11/5/2002, 7:46 pm

Hey Miss Lori, We can tell you a bit about your ancestors. Drop us a note at the above email addresss.

47. Girvin/Girvan/Garvin 1700-1770 - Sue (  8/17/2002, 8:24 pm

Am searching for Hu/Hew/Hugh Girvin who came from Girvan, Scotland. (In a 1912 newspaper clipping, it says that the ancestral home was in Girvan, Scotland.) He came to America in 1789 into Wilmington, Delaware. Have information about him after arriving in US, but know nothing prior to this, other than he came boarded the"Brig Brothers" in Londonderry. I understand that there was a David Girvan who had sons who came to America, was Hugh one of the sons? I do feel that he was related to the other Garvins in Adams County, Pa.and Md. because he went to Washington County, Md. to purchase property in 1790, was naturalized in 1796 in Frederick Cty, Md. and married Sarah Stewart in Hamiltonban, Pa in 1801 and moved to Beaver, Pa. Any help would be appreciated..

48. Girvan/McShanoig/Southend Argyll, Sct/1840-1880 - Monell Cochrane ( ) 8/9/2002, 9:14 pm

I'm looking for info re:Catherine McShanoig whom I believe married a John Girvan Nov. 29, 1872. Interested in knowing more on her immediate family. My maiden name is McShannock which we believe is a version of McShanoig.

48a. Re: Girvan/McShanoig/Southend Argyll, Sct/1840-1880 - Barb 8/11/2002, 8:15 am

I have John Girvan/Catherine McShanoig in my database. Other records show her as McShannon or McShenoig. I don't know anything more on her parents or siblings.

The 1881 Census shows the following on this family
Dwelling : Dalaruan Terrace
Census place : Campbeltown, Argyll, Scotland
Source : FHL Film 0203555 GRO Ref. Volume 507 Enum. Dist. 12 Page 24

Marr. Age Sex Birthplace
John Girvan M 34 M Campbeltown, Argyll, Scotland, Rel : Head, Occ : Fisherman,
Catherine Girvan M 32 F Southend " ", Rel : wife,
Jane H. Girvan 7 F Campbeltown, Argyll, Scotland, Rel : daughter, Occ : scholar
Duncan Girvan 6 F " " ", Rel : son, Occ : scholar
John Girvan 5 M " " ", Rel : son, Occ : scholar
Archibald M. S. R. Girvan 4 M " " ", Rel : son
James Girvan 3 M " " ", Rel : son
Flora Campbell Girvan 1 F " " ", Rel : daughter

The Jane "H." is no doubt Jane Hunter Girvan, named after John Girvan's mother.

John Girvan's father was also John. Therefore, Duncan could perhaps be Catherine's father's name (following naming traditions). Flora Campbell Girvan is perhaps named after Catherine's mother as there are no "Flora's" in the Girvan lineage.

I ran a search on the LDS site for Duncan McShanoig and Flora Campbell and it returned two children:
Helen McShanoig - christened 25 Jun 1851 at Southend
Anne McShanoig - birth 5 Jul 1858 at Southend

Catherine McShaniog was born about 1849, so they are possibly her siblings if my theory on her parents is correct.

I ran a batch search on C115324 on the LDS site and found the following with Duncan McShenoig and Flora Campbell as parents:

MARY MCSHENOIG - International Genealogical Index
Gender: F Christening: 19 Jan 1838 Southend, Argyll, Scotland

BARBARA MCSHENOIG - International Genealogical Index
Gender: F Christening: 13 Jul 1831 Southend, Argyll, Scotland

MARGARET MCSHENOIG - International Genealogical Index
Gender: F Christening: 22 Feb 1829 Southend, Argyll, Scotland

JEAN MCSHENOIG - International Genealogical Index
Gender: F Christening: 14 Feb 1840 Southend, Argyll, Scotland

FLORA MCSHENOIG - International Genealogical Index
Gender: F Christening: 24 Aug 1842 Southend, Argyll, Scotland

I did not find Catherine listed however.

IGI batch numbers can be found at:

I guess you will need to find the info on her marriage certificate to know for sure if those are her parents? I will also send this email to make sure you see it.


48b. Re: Girvan/McShanoig/Southend Argyll, Sct/1840-1880 - flora gemmell March 21, 2003, 6:32 am

my ggrandmother was catherine mcshannon, my grandmother was flora campbell girvan born in campbeltown 21,feb 1880. she moved to glasgow and married andrew jeffrey a coalminer 25,march 1910 . they had 5 children , john, andrew, james,catherine, flora who was my mother.

48c. We connect! - Barb March 21, 2003, 7:56 am

Your family connects with mine. This is what I have on your branch.

Catherine McShanoig, b: Abt. 1849,Southend
Married 29 Nov 1872 to John Girvan, b. 1846 Campbeltown, Father: John Girvan, Mother: Jane Hunter

1. Jane Hunter Girvan, b: 12 Jun 1873,Campbeltown
2. Duncan Girvan, b: 14 Jun 1874,Campbeltown
3. John Girvan, b: 1875,Campbeltown
4. Archibald McShannon Richie Girvan, b: 1877, Campbeltown, Married Jessie Campbell, m: 1905
....(Their Children:Isabella Girvan, John Girvan, Katie Girvan, Jenny Girvan, Archie Girvan, Neil Girvan b: 8 May 1923, James Girvan)
5. James Girvan, b: Abt. 1878 Campbeltown
6. Flora Campbell Girvan, b: 1880 Campbeltown
7. Donald Girvan, b. 1883
8. Margaret Girvan, b: 1886
9. Malcolm Girvan, b: Abt. 1888

I would love to exchange what information I have with you. Please email me - my email is located at the bottom of the following link

48d. Re: We connect! - flora gemmell (  March 27, 2003, 12:32 pm

hi Barb, first chance i have had to contact you. it was luck that i landed on the girvan notice board. i have only just started searching for my roots to find that a lot of the hard work has already been done for me. Never knew my gran as she had died before i was born. my name is flora campbell girvan m/s begg . i dont have much to contribute as yet but all my cousins are getting together all their birth dates and so forth. on 25,march 1910 at Ardmore, North Mount Vernon, Andrew Jeffrey (coalminer) age 26 , married Flora Campbell Girvan,age 30 . Minister was A.Strang Sandyhills UFC Shettleston Glasgow. Witness's William Brown, & Margaret Girvan. my gran was the cook in this house which was owned by a sea captain. they then set up home in a small village outside Baillieston, Glasgow, called the Rhinds. Where they brought up a Family of 6 might have been more but dont remember my mum mentioning them , John, James, Catherine McShannon, Andrew, Flora Campbell Girvan. I dont think my mother who was Flora CG . new that much about her roots only telling me that her mothers family came from Campbeltown . As soon as i have more information i will be back in touch . Oh the 6th childs name eludes me at this minute , (she drowned as a child). kind regards Flora Gemmell

48e. Re: We connect! - barb March 27, 2003, 2:21 pm

That's just great, Flora! I may have a lot of information to send to you and will compile some to send over. One of the stoppers is that The Girvans came from somewhere in Northern Ireland to Campbeltown and I cannot find where. The "family lore" is that they were originally in Ayr, but we may never be able to prove it unless some records from Northern Ireland turn up.

I'll be in touch soon with a chart of what I have. My Dad, Robert McCulloch Girvan, who died in 2000, would be so pleased to know that we have found some more relatives!

Barb Girvan Horak

48f. Re: Girvan/McShanoig/Southend Argyll, Sct/1840-1880 - barb 8/11/2002, 9:00 am

On the LDS IGI search I also ran a search on Duncan McShenoig and Flora Campbell
found additional children:

Donald MC SHENOIG - International Genealogical Index
Gender: M Christening: 11 Jun 1833 Southend, Argyll, Scotland

Archibald MC SHENOIG - International Genealogical Index
Gender: M Christening: 4 Sep 1835 Southend, Argyll, Scotland

Malcom MC SHENOIG - International Genealogical Index
Gender: M Christening: 4 Jun 1845 Southend, Argyll, Scotland

Duncan MC SHENOIG - International Genealogical Index
Gender: M Christening: 19 Aug 1849 Southend, Argyll, Scotland

49. Girvans from australia - Janet (gave no email)  6/22/2002, 3:14 am

I am trying to trace the family history of the girvans from Australia.  My mothers name is Marion Elizabet Girvan born in Manly Sydney 1933. Her fathers name is Leslie Gaunt Girvan born in Geraldton Western Australia in 1900. Her mothers name is Emily and she was born in Sydney in the year 1903. If any one can help me or guide me to a site I would really appreciate it  thankyou

49a. Re: Girvans from australia - Barb 8/3/2002, 5:48 pm

There are some Australian Girvan postings on the Girvan correspondence pages

There are some Girvan's on this link on Australian genealogy

Go to this link to find message boards to post your information in the correct area of Australia?

You may need to get back another generation to precede.

Hope that helps some!

49b. Re: Girvans from australia - Doug Tilley October 17, 2004, 8:51 pm

Posted by Doug Tilley
on October 17, 2004, 8:51 pm, in reply to "Re: Girvans from australia"

My Mother was a Girvan. Born at Clapham Maternity Hospital on Gefferys Rd .on 27/02/1917. She came to Australia when she was very young,about 1919/20 I do not know what Ship as yet but she taken from her mother when about 4y/o by the State of South Australia, Welfare Dept. Her mother's name was Agnes Jeannie Girvan, a Milliner who lived at 56 Knowle Road , Brixton.UK. Father Unknown as listed on my Mother's birth certificate My Mother's name was Agnes Violet Girvan.[deceased] married name Violet Agnes Tilley.I think they lived near Hindmarsh off Port Road Adelaidearound the 1920/1924. So i am needing info about Agnes Jeannie Girvan .[deceased], Please let me know if you have any details.

49c. Re: Girvans from australia - Leonie Girvan ( November 6, 2004, 11:00 pm

I belong to a branch of the Girvan family. I am Australian born as are my daughter Colleen & son John. My husband Jim was born in Armagh N.I. in the 1940's and is known as Seamus over there. Birth name Seamus Sean Girvan, and he migrated to
W.A. in 1969. We live in South Australia. He has a mother still alive in NI and eight brothers & sisters, nieces, nephews, great n & n and inlaws etc, etc. His father was Joe Girvan son of William Girvan & Bridget Gervin - and two brothers - Patrick & James who married his (Joe's) wifes sister surname McParland. Joe's grandfather was Alick Girvan. William is believed to have come over from Scotland, he was in the army when he arrived in Stewartstown Co. Tyrone and married Bridget in c 1913 her father being Patrick Gervin. That's about all we know of the oler Girvans in our branch. This lot are Catholics too. Leonie Girvan (McEvoy)

50. origins of Girvan surname - Barb Girvan ( 6/17/2002, 7:22 pm

It is suggested that Girvan may be an anglicized form of Ó Gairbhín and a variant of the well known Munster Ó Garbháin (Garvan).  Another suggestion is that it came from Scotland as a toponymic formed from the place-name Girvan. The fact that Girvan and Girvin are exclusively Ulster surnames, mainly found in Co. Antrim would seem to corroborate this. In Co. Armagh Garron has been reported as equated with Girvin


50a. Origins of Girvan - another one - Barb 8/23/2002, 10:19 am

Found at
From: An Etymological Dictionary of Family and Christian Names. With an Essay, on their derivation and Import
Family Names: GIRVAN
Origin: Local
Comment: From the river and town of Girvan in Ayrshire, Scotland. In the Welsh, Gearafon or Gwyrddafon, implies the river flowing through the green flourishing place, from afon or avon, a river, and Gwyrdd, green, flourishing.

51. girvan/canada/scotland/any - Kathy Girvan ( 5/20/2002, 10:11 am

My grandparents emigrated to Canada approximately 75 years ago. My grandfather (i think John Girvan) was a stonemason in Alberta and had been a mason in Scotland. He died shortly after the second World War. He married a Catherine (Cameron?)and they had 8 children that lived, Names that I know: Alan, John, Archibald, Jesse, Peggy, Catherine, James. Does anyone know where my grandparents may have emigrated from?

51a. Re: girvan/canada/scotland/any - Barb 5/29/2002, 7:22 pm

There is a line that descends from my lineage with the Girvan/Cameron names:

Alexander Cameron Girvan b. 14 Aug 1879, Dalaruan Terrace Campbeltown, Argyll, Scotland, d. 8 Jul 1940.

Alexander was married to Catherine Cameron


The most complete information I have on any of these children is on Alister

Alister Cameron Girvan b.20 Oct 1904 Glasgow, SCT, d. 12 Aug 1964, Colonel Mewburn Hospital, Edmonton, Alberta, CA

Alister was married to Beatrice Ostrem

If you think this might be your family, please email me and I will give you the contact information for the researcher working on this line.

- Barb

51b. Re: girvan/canada/scotland/any - Alvy Newman ( December 1, 2003, 3:14 am

Descendants of Robert Girvan

Generation No. 1

1. ROBERT3 GIRVAN (JOHN2, JOHN1) was born Abt. 1849 in Campbeltown, Argyll, Scotland, and died Bet. 1889 - 1891 in Campletown, Argyll, Scotland. He married CATHERINE CAMERON 31 Dec 1874 in Campbeltown, Argyll, Scotland, daughter of JOHN CAMERON and ROSETTA FULLARTON. She was born 26 May 1852 in Sanda, Southend, Argyll, Scotland.

2. i. JOHN4 GIRVAN, b. Abt. 1877, Campbeltown, Argyll, Scotland; d. 21 Jan 1957, Vancouver, B.C Vital Records Index Reg# 1957-09-001527 BC Archives Microfilm # B13231 GSU Microfilm # 20331.
3. ii. ALEXANDER CAMERON GIRVAN, b. 14 Aug 1879, Dalaruan Terrace, Campbeltown, Argyll, Scotland; d. 8 Jul 1940, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
iii. ARCHIBALD GIRVAN, b. Abt. 1883, Campbeltown, Argyll, Scotland.
iv. ROSETTA GIRVAN, b. Abt. 1885, Campbeltown, Argyll, Scotland; m. CUTHBERSON; b. Renfrew, Scotland.
v. CHARLES GIRVAN, b. Abt. 1890, Campbeltown, Argyll, Scotland; d. 1950.

Generation No. 2

2. JOHN4 GIRVAN (ROBERT3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born Abt. 1877 in Campbeltown, Argyll, Scotland, and died 21 Jan 1957 in Vancouver, B.C Vital Records Index Reg# 1957-09-001527 BC Archives Microfilm # B13231 GSU Microfilm # 20331. He married GRACE ROBB GIRVAN. She was born 1881, and died 26 Dec 1980 in Burnaby, Vancouver, B.C.

Children of JOHN GIRVAN and GRACE GIRVAN are:
i. ROBERT5 GIRVAN, d. 1989, Scotland.

3. ALEXANDER CAMERON4 GIRVAN (ROBERT3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born 14 Aug 1879 in Dalaruan Terrace, Campbeltown, Argyll, Scotland, and died 8 Jul 1940 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. He married CATHERINE (KATIE) CAMERON 3 Apr 1902 in Scotland, daughter of ALEXANDER(SANDY) CAMERON and JANET MCPHAIL. She was born 23 Feb 1883 in Glenborrodale, Acharcle, Argyll, Scotland, and died 10 Jan 1965 in Vancouver, BC Reg# 1965-09-001149 BC Archives Microfilm # B13270 GSU Microfilm # 20337.

i. CATHERINE CAMERON5 GIRVAN, b. 4 Jun 1902; d. 4 Dec 1903.
4. ii. ALISTER CAMERON GIRVAN, b. 20 Oct 1904, Glasgow, Scotland; d. 12 Aug 1964, Colonel Mewburn Hospital, Edmonton, Alberta.
5. iii. MARGARET GIRVAN, b. 11 Feb 1906; d. 4 Sep 2000, Edmonton, Alberta.
6. iv. JESSIE MCPHAIL GIRVAN, b. 25 Oct 1909; d. 16 Jun 1988.
7. v. ROBERT A GIRVAN, b. 9 Aug 1912; d. 7 Aug 1953.
vi. ARCHIBALD CAMERON RITCHIE GIRVAN, b. 23 Jul 1921; d. 4 Apr 1922.
8. vii. ALAN IAN CAMERON GIRVAN, b. 20 Jul 1924.
9. viii. JOHN GIRVAN, b. 30 Mar 1927.


52. Girvan.... Charles... Utica, NY - Tony Olson ( 5/17/2002, 8:16 pm

Found a posting from 1998 from Jell M. Girvan requesting information about Charles Girvan... If you are out there, I have some.

53. Girvan, Lamont(?) - late 1800's - Erik J. Girvan  ( 5/2/2002, 10:26 am

Any more information?

Erik James Girvan - 1976 (Tacoma, WA -USA)
James Terry Girvan - 1946 (Camas, WA-USA)
Terence Lamont Girvan - 1920? (?, WA-USA)
Lamont??? Girvan - 1890? (?)

53a. Re: Girvan, Lamont(?) - late 1800's - William Girvan ( 7/19/2002, 7:38 am

This may or may not be relevant.

My grandfather's sister Anna Girvan married a man called David Girvan (both Girvan!). David Girvan visited his brother Hutchinson Lamont Girvan in October 1922. Hutchinson Lamont Girvan was born in 1886 in Belfast. His wife's name was McCaughey. His address in US was West Eagle Road, Upper Darby, Philadelphia. (as per Ellis Island website).

David Girvan eventually came back to Ireland, but I do not know what happened to HL.


53b. Re: Girvan, Lamont(?) - late 1800's - Lynn Alexander Girvan ( 6/2/2002, 8:47 pm

I emailed this separately to you, but for the record, Grandpa Terry's father was William LaMont Girvan. He was a firefighter in Portland who died in 1959 from the complications of diabetes.

54. GERVIN/Tyrone>Canada/mid-1800s - Joan Scott ( 3/17/2002, 1:51 pm

I'm researching the family of James GERVIN, who probably emigrated to Canada from County Tyrone, N. Ireland in the 1840s.

He married Elizabeth WHITEHEAD and they had at least two children:

Joseph GERVIN (1861-1953), m. Elizabeth SMITH (1867-1946) in Buckingham, Quebec. They had ten children and eventually settled in Ottawa, Ontario; and

James GERVIN (b. 1860s, Ottawa), m. Emiline BOUDREAU in Montreal, in 1897. They had at least two children - Ernest Berril GERVIN and Elizabeth Anne GERVIN, both baptized in Montreal in 1898.

Anyone else out there looking into this family?

54a. Re: GERVIN/Tyrone>Canada/mid-1800s - Jim Girvin ( November 5, 2004, 11:18 pm

I have newspaper notices of the death of my great grandfather, Joseph Girvin, on December 26, 1928 in Detroit, Michigan.

The notices say that he was born in County Tyrone, Ireland, and came to America with his parents when he was seven years old (1850 or 1851). They settled in Detroit.

One of the notices includes a photo of him in his later years.

55. Girvan nee Campbell/ St John, NB, Canada/ early 1900's - Edie ( 3/16/2002, 4:34 am

Hazel Campbell married a Girvan. She was daughter of George W and agnes Milligan Campbell. I am looking for relatives of hers. She was my Aunt, as I was the daughter of her oldest brother, Wm. H. Her husband and I believe her son were pallbearers at her Fathers funeral in 1942 at St John, NB, Canada. Thank you for any info. Edie 

55a. Re: Girvan nee Campbell/ St John, NB, Canada/ early 1900's - John Leefe ( 1/26/2003, 7:07 pm

Hello Edie,
Samuel Girvan and Mary McLelland of Newton Stewart, Scotland emigrated to Galloway, New Brunswick in 1816 or 1817. A grandson, William, married Agnes Goldie. They had seven children, the 4th being Fred. He was married to Hazel Campbell. I have no information on the Campbells, but thought this might be of passing interest.

John Leefe
Liverpool, NS

55b. Re: Girvan nee Campbell/ St John, NB, Canada/ early 1900's - Tammy Vaughan ( August 2, 2004, 10:42 pm

Samuel and Mary Girvan were my great-great-great grandparents. Their descendents are traced to my grandparents from Kincardine, New Brunswick. I am not related to the Campbell side though that I know of, but can give you a detailed list from Samuel/Mary to present.

Good Luck

55c. Re: Girvan nee Campbell/ St John, NB, Canada/ early 1900's - Jessica Fournier ( August 8, 2004, 10:53 pm

Hey Tam,
I was wondering if you could send that information my way. I keep forgetting to ask Gram when I am home! All I've been able to figure out is that grampy's(Garnet) parents names were Albert Girvan who married Euphemia Ross.

56. Campbeltown Girvans - Please contact me! - Barb Girvan Horak ( 3/10/2002, 6:50 am

James and John, sons of James Hunter Girvan in Campbeltown - please contact me at

I replied to the hotmail address last August (2001), but heard nothing back from you. That address no longer works, so I have no way to contact you. My father was your John Robert Morris Girvan's first cousin. He and my mother visited Archibald at Gowanlea back in 1967 and in 1973. My son, James C. Girvan Horak is just a year older than you, Jamie! - Barb Girvan Horak

56a. Re: Campbeltown Girvans - Please contact me! - Catherine Fisher Girvan 1/25/2003, 9:13 am

My grandfather from Campbeltown was John Girvan, my father was Duncan Girvan and his brother is Albert Girvan. Grandfather moved from Campbeltown to Glasgow (not sure what year trying to find out)and was a merchant seaman married Alexandrina Crawford. He was born in 1899.

56b. Re: Campbeltown Girvans - Please contact me! - barb 1/31/2003, 5:22 am

Catherine - If you know who your great grandfather was, I could perhaps tell if yours is the same family line as mine. I have looked at my database and there are a few John Girvans that I have not accounted for. Perhaps one is yours, but I need more information.

56c. Re: Campbeltown Girvans - Please contact me! - alistair macdonald ( 12/1/2002

was doing a little family tree stuff. I met with a john girvan at erskine old soldiers home and spent a little time taling to him. He was my grandfathers cousin, nad both were from campbeltown and would be in his late 70's or 80's. I understand that he passed away some time ago. Dont know if this helps matters

56d. What was your grandfather's name? - Barb January 22, 2004, 6:22 pm


I don't know how I skipped over your message for a year! I would be very interested in knowing your grandfather's name since they were cousins .... and how they were related - through their mother or father?? Perhaps I could tie the John Girvan you wrote about into my Campbeltown Girvan database if I knew. Also, could you estimate his birth a bit better - like 1900-1920?
- Barb

56e. Re: What was your grandfather's name? - Jean Girvan ( August 4, 2004

Have just found the above message from Alistair.
John Girvan, who died in Erskine old soldiers home, is one of the children of Archibald McShannon Ritchie Girvan married to Jessie Campbell Girvan from Campbeltown. He was my uncle, my father's (Neil) brother. If you look at the previous history you will find his name. John died about 16 years ago.  - Jean

Note:  John and Neil's grandparents were John Girvan and Catherine Ritchie McShannon, married 29 Nov 1872 in Campbeltown, Scotland.  - Barb

57. Girvin - Phyllis P. Willliams ( 1/20/2002, 5:58 pm

Does anyone have a current email address for John Girvin V...from Belfast...
Thanks, Phyllis

57a. Re: Girvin - Robert L. Mc Call 2/10/2002, 2:26 pm
According to my records I had e-mails from John Girvin V in 1997 and his e-mail address was Hope this helps.

58. Girvan/Scotland/Prior to 1700's - Edith Mary Strauch nee Girvan ( 1/20/2002, 7:20 am

My brother, Thomas Douglas Girvan has traced our family records back to a Bryce Girvan who was married to a Nicola Hamilton in the 1700's and they had 4 children, named John, James, Elizabeth and Robert in Ayrshire Scotland. I would be interested in knowing anything further back than that. I know that Bryce Girvan was the son of a James Girvan, but I don't know to whom he was married, or when. Bryce had two sisters, Agnes and Joan and one brother, James. Our branch of the family in Liverpool began with a Hugh Girvan who wed Eliza Johanna Stagg sometime in the early 1800's. Hugh died in Liverpool in 1861 and Eliza died in 1870 also in Liverpool.

59. girvin - ronald john girvin ( 1/12/2002, 3:32 pm

my father ronald girvin was searching his family tree prior to his death 16 10 00. i have the information on disc ,however there seems to be a problem with the software.
i am now trying to finish what he had started but being new to this i am at a loss where to start.
please if you could give advise please do.
ronald john girvin

59a. Re: girvin - phyllis p. willliams 1/20/2002, 6:00 pm

Ronald, are you researching Richard Telford Girvin?  Thanks,  Phyllis P. Williams

59b. Re: girvin - can't access father's genealogy files on disc - HELP - Barb Girvan Horak 1/19/2002, 5:30 am

Ronald - please post what the file extension is on the family file and maybe someone will be able to help you figure out how to open it. The extension should be a clue to what genealogy software your father was using. OR if you know what the software he was using, let us know!

60. ISABELLA GIRVAN - Robert McCluskie Alexander ( 1/2/2002, 2:25 pm

Isabella gave birth to James Alexander Girvan on 6th August 1865 at Bridgeton, Glasgow. Subsequently James dropped the Girvan to become James Alexander. Any info on James or the Isabella would be welcomed....

60a. Re: ISABELLA GIRVAN - jean ( 3/14/2002, 3:36 pm

hello-is this ISABELLA McCULLOCH born 1835 by any chance? My paternal grandmother was a McCulloch and she may have been an aunt.

51. Girvan, All - Ian Sinclair Girvan ( 11/25/2001, 7:48 am

I am living in Canada, in the Northwest Territories.
I don't know much about my background, except to say my father's nane was Bill Sinclair Girvan and I believe he had a brother call Ian.

I think he was raised in Girvan, Scotland.

I rember him telling me about going to Ailsa Craig as a boy and collecting gull eggs.

61a. Re: Girvan, All - howard mccrindle (  April 22, 2003, 2:56 pm

re girvan, my great grandfather was matthew girvan. he was quarrymaster on ailsa craig up tll 1950. his wife margaret richmond and her daughters ran a tearoom on the craig. my grandmother was one of the daughters. some of the family still live in girvan. hope this is of some help. regards howard mccrindle 

61b. Re: Girvan, All - Ian Girvan ( June 14, 2004, 4:31 pm
My father had an attachment for Ailsa Craig, but other than knowing that it is hard rock, and curling stones come from there, do not know much more.
Thank you for your responce.

61c. Re: Girvan, All - Ailsa Thomson ( March 22, 2004, 11:22 am

Regarding information on Ian Girvan, I am Ailsa Thomson your cousin, my Mum is Jean Girvan now Thomson. Your Uncle Ian died in 1992 but his wife Betty still lives in Girvan and her two daughters, Lesley lives in Kilwinning and Jane lives in Troon. Please get in touch if you want more information.

62. JANE GIRVIN - MARRIED _____? McGrattan - Bonnie Jones ( 10/31/2001, 4:46 pm

Jane Girvin born County Down,Ireland. She married a Mr. McGrattan....then they left Ireland for Amherst Island, Ontario Canada......She is buried there but no info on her husband....any help would be great, this is as far back as I can track my family tree, 8 generations.....

62a. Re: JANE GIRVIN - MARRIED _____? McGrattan - Robert L. McCall ( 2/10/2002

We have a Jane Girvin, born in county Down,Northern Ireland in the early 1800's that emmigrated to Amherst Island with her family in 1832. Her father was Charles Girvin and mother was Rachel Carleton. Our records indicate he husband was James Whyard Tinsmith and she died in 1916. I believe they lived in Dunngannon, Ontario.Hope this helps.

62b. Re: ELIZABETH JANE GIRVIN-GRATTON - Canada - Bonnie Jones ( October 10, 2003, 4:04 pm

No, this is not the same Jane. I have found out that her name was actually Elizabeth Jane, Not just "Jane". She had to of married someone named "Gratton" because all of her children had that last name. I am still searching.....

63. GIRVIN....Newtownards & East Belfast. - Phyllis Pollock - Williams ((  9/30/2001, 8:52 pm

Richard Girvin...Married...Elizabeth Milby...1852...Newtownards, Co. Down. Not sure when they moved to E. Belfast.

Children: Sarah Girvin..b. 1853...Mary Girvin.b 1856..Robert Girvin...John Girvin...Richard Girvin...Gawn Girvin....William Garnett Girvin..b. 1873

Sarah Girvin Married James 1875.
Mary Girvin Married Thomas Scott..1880. Thomas died in 1894...Mary married William Burns.
Robert Girvin Married Mary Finlay...Mary died he then married Anne Duncan..John Girvin Married Anne Dobbin.

Would appreciate hearing from anyone connected to these families.
Thank you,
Phyllis P. Williams

63a. Re: GIRVIN....Newtownards & East Belfast. - ROBERT GAWN GIRVIN  ( April 28, 2004, 3:51 pm

gawn is an old family name of mine i have it so does my youngest son craig . there is a robert gawn girvin buried in dundonald cemetery belfast  

63b. Re: GIRVIN....Newtownards & East Belfast. - Phyllis P. Williams (  May 7, 2004

Hi Robert:
Please contact me at my new e-mail address

64. GIRVAN/GIRVEN - TIMOTHY J. GIRVEN (  9/29/2001, 6:00 pm


64a. Re: GIRVAN/GIRVEN - wendy girven ( October 20, 2004, 4:14 pm

I am also a researcher of this line. I have a trascript of a letter from Charles to Alexander. I am also fairly confident that you are my cousin. 

64b. Re: GIRVAN/GIRVEN - tim December 11, 2004, 7:17 pm

yes you are good to see others looking for info if your ever home to your moms and dads give me a call and we can see what info we each have mine is hit and miss not much time to work on it i have a few letters tim 746-3043

65. Girvan/any/any - Alexander ( 9/22/2001, 12:38 pm

father/Alexander Girvan/Glasgow
mother/Mary Anderson Barkley/Glasgow
grandmother/Catherine/Glasgow/10 children
grandfather/alexander/glasgow/worked in the shipyards in glasgow.
Any further info would be appreciated.

66. girvin/girvan - James Girvin ( 9/2/2001, 5:50 am

Girvin - James and Emma ( haggan ) moved to Whyalla South Australia in the early 1960's. Followed by Jack and Jean ( nee ???) and Kathleen ( nee Girvin and Joseph MeMeekan)

66a. Re: girvin/girvan - Phyllis P. Williams (  10/8/2001, 9:07 pm

Jim & Family moved to ADELAIDE.....

67. Girvin/Ireland/Wednesday, 29, 201 - Paul Girvin ( 8/28/2001

Hows it goin all the Girvin's out there?
My name is Paul Girvin and i live in Australia.
I always thought that Girvin was a pretty uncommon name but this site proved me wrong. I have always wondered exactly how many relatives i have out there?
my parents both came over from Ireland and i was wondering if they had any long lost relatives.
If you live in Ireland and you reckon you might be related to me, drop me a line sometime.

67b. Re: Girvin/Ireland/Wednesday, 29, 2001 - Your Uncle ( 9/2/2001, 5:54 am

Hey paul !!
Good to see you are searching too !!!!

68. GIRVURN mid-1850's SCOTLAND - Tony Brown ( 8/19/2001, 10:54 am

Has anyone out there come across this derivative of the GIRVAN surname. My Great Grandmother was Wilhelmina GIRVURN Cameron, but alas cannot find her birth in Scotland (as stated on census).
Please get in touch.
Tony Brown

69. GIRVIN....NEWTOWNARDS, CO. DOWN - Phyllis P. Williams ( 6/8/2001, 7:32 pm

RICHARD GIRVIN...b. 1824...NEWTOWNARDS, CO. Down Richard was the son of ROBERT GIRVIN...Occupation: Farmer.

Richard Girvin married Elizabeth Milby b. 1829 Newtownards, Co. Down.

Would appreciate hearing from anyone who may be related to this family...Richard & Mary are my G.G.Grandparents..

Thanks,  Phyllis P. Williams

70. Girvan/family tree/all - Tim Girvan ( 5/17/2001, 1:13 pm

Hi im Tim Girvan, all i know about my family is my fathers name is William Davidson Girvan, and he lived in Glasgow,had 1 sister
any help greatly appreiciated
Tim Girvan

70a. Re: Girvan/family tree/all - Barb Girvan Horak 5/17/2001, 4:21 pm

Tim... it might help if there were a few more details. Do you know his approximate birthdate? If you know he lived in Glasgow, I assume you could find his brith certificate which would name his parents. Since his middle name is Davidson, that is probably a family name as well.

71. Girvan - Keith Girvan ( 5/5/2001, 10:11 am

My name is Keith Girvan, my father is Duncan Girvan who has a brother John and a sister Agnes.
They must be in their 70's.
\\don't have any further details anyone help

71a. Re: Girvan - Barb Girvan Horak 5/17/2001, 4:26 pm

Keith....... you need to put more details. I assume you are in the UK, but where? If you knew where your dad grew up perhaps you could find birth certificates on your dad and brother and sister, which would name their parents? Best of luck

72. Girvin/Garvin Ireland England USA - Margie Brubeck ( 4/16/2001, 12:35 pm

Thomas Girvin born about 1820 Ireland, went to Egremont, Whitehaven District, Cumbria, England. He married Bridget Sloan and they lived out their lives in CleatorMoor, near Egremont, in a place called Low Wath. Thomas and Bridget died in the 1890's. Their children were John (born in Ireland 1844), and other children born in England were Thomas, Mary, Edward and Margaret.

John married Mary Foy in 1863. They went to USA, settled in Luzerne County, PA. in 1873.
John in USA had the following children: Bridget, Thomas, Frank, twins: Mary Elizabeth and Margaret Ann, and Elinor, Catherine, Edward, and Hugh.(all born between 1844 and 1878) Most of these children, when married, lived in Hazelton, Scranton, Old Forge, and Avoca, PA.

Kate (Boyle) lived in Philadelphia, Mary Elizabeth (Gallagher) in Salem, Ohio, Elinor (Boyle) in Phillipsburg, NJ. Margaret Ann married John Shovlin, and she died in 1900. Bridget married Charles Gildea and lived in Old Forge, PA. 

72a. Re: Girvin/Garvin Ireland England USA - Debra Girvan-Parker ( 7/20/2002, 4:41 pm

Dear Margie,
I am facinated by you info. My father was number 10 of 12 children born to John and Margaret Girvan in Planes (just north of Wilks Barre). Unfortunatly, I don't know my Great-Grandfathers common name. John Girvan's father. He died when my grandfather was a child, but it is he who came from Scotland along with several brothers as young adults. Their collective names were John, William, David, Alexander and Robert??

Shortly after my Dad was born, the family moved to Dallas Township. I did learn that after my Great grandfather died, his wife re-married a Mr MacDonald and they also moved to Dallas. In order for me to find anything else, I'm afraid I'll have to take a trip to Luzern County, and I live in Connecticut!  Do you have any ideas?

73. Stevenson/Campbell - Laura Kennedy ( 3/17/2001, 3:18 pm

Hi; I just happened to catch your page while looking for Kilcalmonell, Scotland. You have done a beautiful job! I really like your page. My ancestors also were born there and I thought yours might have married into mine.
James Stevenson, married Isabelle Campbell and she and her children went to Ontario, Canada. If your run across them give me a ring a ding! Laura

74. GIRVAN, SCT 19th century - Anthony Brown ( 3/12/2001, 5:09 pm

My Great Grandmother was Wilhelmina Girvan Cameron, born c1850, born Scotland (town not known). Her father was James Cameron and her mother was, possibly, Eliza Cameron (possibly nee Girvan). Does any of this ring any bells.
Thanks, Please contact
Tony Brown.

74a. Re: GIRVAN, SCT 19th century - michael ceates ( ) July 4, 2004, 1:16 pm

Eliza Cameron (possibly nee Girvan).
Parents: john Girvan  jessie Mcclelland
his parents: archibald Girvan(twin brother Andrew)

Barbara Thomson

74b. Re: GIRVAN, SCT 19th century - Barb July 5, 2004, 6:07 am

Please read first entry at Girvan Correspondence page - appears to be the same family?

75. Girvan - 1851 Census for Loudon, Ayrshire, Scotland - Barb 3/12/2001, 7:53 am

1851 Census for Loudon, Ayrshire, Scotland















76. Girvan/Nesbitt info from Lislea Co Armagh, N. Ireland to New Zealand - Barb 3/12/2001, 7:50 am

JOHN NESBIT b. Northern Ireland ? (father of Robert John Nesbitt, Albert Nesbitt, Samuel James Nesbitt and Emily Nesbitt) farmer of Limekiln Farm (ca 56 acres), Lislea Co Armagh, d. 14 April 1922, m. Margaret Girvan, d. 14 Jun 1923,
with issue 3s 1d.

ALBERT NESBITT b. Northern Ireland? (son of John Nesbitt by his wife Margaret Girvan) migrated to New Zealand.

EMILY NESBITT b. Northern Ireland ? (dau. of John Nesbitt by his wife Margaret Girvan) migrated New Zealand.

SAMUEL JAMES NESBITT b Kilcam, Co Armagh 10 Feb 1901 (son of John Nesbitt by his wife Margaret Girvan; and father of Sarah Margaret Nesbitt) migrated to New Zealand ca 1925 in the ship Ruahine ex Southampton, m........., with issue known 1d.


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