Holec/Holets Family Photographs II

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1929 Holec-Holets Reunion Clipping
1929 Holets Reunion clipping 
from the Holets Reunion files


1929 Holets Reunion
1929 Holets Reunionv
from the Holets Reunion files

Family of Joseph Holets - Ely
Mary Holets, Katherine Sedlacek Holets, 
Joe Holets and Otillie Holets in front of their home in Ely about 1895

Katherine Sedlacek Holets about 1890
 Katherine Sedlacek Holets
about 1890

Joseph Holets about 1885
Joseph Holets about 1885

Mary Holets & Frank Henik wedding, 1905
Mary Holets and Frank Henik 
3 May 1905 - daughter of Joseph and Katherine Sedlacek Holets.


Otillie Holets & Thomas Horak wedding, 1909
Otillie Holets and Thomas Horak
23 Nov 1909 -
daughter of Joseph and Katherine Sedlacek Holets.

Jonas house in Ely, Iowa
Pictured - Anna Holets Jonas and a school teacher that boarded in the home.  

Grandfather Joe Jonas had a shoe shop on the lot where the above house is.  A barber shop and a billiard table were added. Finally the shop was moved to another lot. When grandfather worked for Mr. Joe Becicka unloading lumber from freight cars, the folks owned a house near the lumber yard.
- Elizabeth Willson

(from the Holets Reunion files)

Frank Jonas
Frank Jonas

Louis Jonas in WWI
Louis Jonas WWI

both of the above photos from the Holets Reunion files

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