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UPDATE:  January 24, 2011 - The miracles of the internet!  I am now in contact with Jirina who lives in Pacov, Czech Republic, and is the woman who corresponded with George Pelisek over the years.  Her granddaughter, Veronika, had been talking with Jirina about her American relatives and decided to run a search on the Internet.  She found our family genealogy pages and printed them for her grandmother.  It is Jirina who sent George the below photos, and she and Veronika have provided me with some corrections via email correspondence.  I want to thank them both on behalf of the Pelisek familyIf any family has copied the old information, please correct it.

The following images were scanned from old photos sent by family in the Czech Republic to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, to George Pelisek, son of Joseph Pelisek.  George corresponded for many years to family in the old country.  After George's death in 2001 his wife, Lela, gave the photos to George's nephew, Charlie Krizek, who in turn allowed me to scan them.   George also had a photo of an old woman in a scarf who he said was Joseph Pelisek's grandmother.  I have seen the photo, but do not know what has happened to it.

Joseph Pelisek's father died when he was a boy, and his mother remarried to a man named Picha.  According to George Pelisek, his father Joseph did have one full-blood sister, Mary and Joseph's step-siblings were Josephine, Frances, Anastasia and a step-brother, Frank Picha.  Jirina is the daughter of Anastasia. 

I want to personally thank George Smejkal, who was born in Prague but now lives in the United States, for volunteering to do some translating for me via email.  He has translated the writing on the back of these images as best he could.  We do appreciate your effort, George!

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This is believed to be the "Pelisek House" in Roučkovice.

Addressed to:  Mr. Jan ??Hervir??
Praha III
Petrinsko 20

Message:  2/12/1927 (Dec. 2, 1927)
Christmas wishes to you all [from] family Pichova

1-24-11  Jirina's correction: This is a house in Pacov, where Mary Jokes-Pelisek-Picha moved after living in Rouckovice.  In the photo is Mary, with her neighbor.  Originally it was addressed to Mr. Jan Hervir.  Josephine Picha (Joseph's step-sister) married Jan Hervir.  When they died, Jirina found this postcard and sent it to George in the United States. 


We believe this is Mary, the sister of Joseph Pelisek. (see below)

Translation:  Aunt from Roučkovic
Cradling Zdenka Slustov
And mother. And Milku Sidlovou and Joseph Hubenyho
[The part that follows is too damaged to read. 
Following the damaged part are three proper nouns]

[Bottom right corner]  Zdenka, Milka, Josef, Jarka, ?Lojza?]

It is unknown if the text was written by the sender,
or if it was copied over to the photo by someone on this side of the ocean.

1-24-11   Jirina's says:  This is a photo of Joseph's full-blood sister, Mary Pelisek who married Jan Cecak, with her daughter, Zdenka.  The names of her children are Zdenka, Milka, Joseph, Jarka & Lojza.

We believe this woman to be Joseph's niece,
Milka, and her husband.
1/24/11 Jirina's correction.  These people are Jirna's parents,
Rudolf Novak and Anastasia Pichova (Joseph Pelisek's step-sister).

Translation: Father and mother
"x" Both passed away already [literal translation]
Father 16 years ago
Mother this year, 88 years old


We think this is the same couple as on the left, only younger.

1/24/11 Jirina's correction:  This is Milka at her wedding,
daughter of Mary-Pelisek-Cecak, Joseph Pelisek's sister.

Translation:  This is Milka at her wedding (Favorite daughter of aunt from Rouchovic). 
Your cousin from both of your parents.



In remembrance from world war presents [free translation "dedicate"]
brother-in-law Jan Cecak.

[Note:  Family say that Joseph Pelisek went to the Clutier, Iowa area because a relative, a Mrs. Cecek, lived there.]

1/24/11 - Jirina says:  This is Jan Cecak who was the husband
 of Mary Pelisek-Cecak (Joseph's full-blood sister).


1/24/11 Jirina says:  Yes, the above is Jirina Novakova and Jan Zika at their wedding.

We believe this may be a photo of the woman
George Pelisek corresponded with, and that the below are wedding photos of her children. (correct)


1/24/11:  Veronika says these are Jirina's daughters,
Veronika's mother & father, Jane and Frantisek, and on the left, her aunt Jirina and uncle.


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